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Possibilities about technology that are very disturbing.
That Would Never Happen ... Right?

The mysteries surrounding the Roswell "UFO" crash in New Mexico, have sparked quite a bit of interest since the 1947 event.  The Air force claims that the UFO was simply a downed surveillance balloon, however, they made every attempt to maintain as much secrecy about the event as was possible at the time and for many years after.

In case you don't know about the incident, the crash happened at a ranch just outside of Roswell.  Some unofficial reports indicated that the bodies of extraterrestrial aliens were recovered that summer, and that at least one had survived the crash.  The conspiracy theories that arose from Roswell and the so named "Project Mogul", are something for the fascinated reader to study on their own, since in my opinion, they will always lead to a "dead end", unless the reader chooses to believe the report released by the government via the "United States Secretary of the Air Force", in 1997.

The purpose of this article is to focus on our national and (your) personal security, should such an event have actually happened other than the report admits.  If alien life forms were actually recovered, what would possibly become of it?  How would this "alien invasion", (that Hollywood is so obsessed with), actually unfold?

It is unlikely that a highly evolved and intelligent society would invade our world with 700,000 spaceships as portrayed in the movies like "The War of the Worlds" novel, written by H.G. Wells in the very late eighteen hundreds.  An evolved society would likely "take over control" of our planet, with an easier style of implementation, probably leading mankind into a position where we are pitted against each other.

They would probably find a way to communicate with our world leaders, with the guise of being a species capable of advancing our own evolution, and convince the "said" leaders to listen to them, in return for technological information ... information that would enable a nation to have power over the whole world, from "tube technology" all the way up to "microwave technology" and beyond.  They would tell a nation how to control their citizens by "distracting" them into submission.  Of course, "tube technology" made television and radio a reality.  What a grand distraction they have become.  With microwave and similar technologies, we now have the internet as a grand distraction.

Mankind has accepted this technology with open arms, even though the possibility that we can be manipulated through our computers, is a current reality.  Microwave technology allows for frequencies to be emitted through our PC's and cell phones etc... that can make us depressed, or even ill.  It has already been proven that cell phones cause leukemia in children that use them, and brain tumors in some adults.  If you read the users manual for the iPhone 4, it clearly states that you should keep the device 5/8ths of an inch away from your body at all times.  People are always holding these phones up to their ears, touching their heads with what is essentially, a tiny microwave oven.  Alzheimer's disease has spiked tremendously over the last 10 years, when the industry saw a major rise in sales.

So let's see how control over an entire nation could be possible:

#1:  Create a distraction.  Give the distraction a "good reason" to exist, whether it be in the form of a teaching tool, or to promote happiness etc...  Get people so involved that they can't possibly see what's coming at them.

#2:  Make the distraction an addiction.  Encourage people to want to be in the presence of those frequencies as much as possible, so that the plans of the manipulators can be fulfilled.

It is now possible to speak words into a persons ear via an invisible microwave, from a pretty good distance away.  Entire studies have already been made on townships which have been bombarded by certain frequencies that can make the inhabitants tired, anxious, violent, or calm.  Case in point: Montauk, New York.

Now the citizens of several nations are being forced to have their power meters switched out with mandatory "smart meters", (which I wrote about in a recent article).  Could these reportedly "dangerous" devices emit programmed frequencies inside of our homes?  No question about it!  You can see numerous videos of people on YouTube reading the meters with RF test equipment.  Could these meters emit a frequency that would possibly be able to "chase you out of the comfort of your own home"?  Most certainly!

If marshal law were enacted by our governments, they would want for us to be unable to be "holed up" inside of our homes.  A meter emitting a frequency that could drive us mad would achieve that, even with the power turned off, since a small battery planted within the meter could still achieve that.  If we are out in the streets, we would be easier to control.

These meters are not UL approved.  The manufacturers such as PG&E have proprietary rights to the schematics and are not required by law to tell anyone what's inside of them.

So when you are performing a security update from Microsoft, what exactly is in it?  Who's security is being protected or INTERFERED with?  Could there be frequencies in the updates that would infect our addicted minds with fear, anxiety, depression, fatigue, or insomnia?  It is an absolute reality.  IT CAN HAPPEN!  People have complained about health problems becoming evident on the very same day that the "smart meters" were installed, even though they had no knowledge of it, because the installers simply show up at a persons house and change them without our permission, generally not requiring entry inside our homes.  I encourage everyone to read my article on this topic:
Smart Meters and Your Health  (13+)
Something everyone should know about.
#2008276 by Whitemorn
  Because I include information on how to "shield" yourself from ALL of the harmful frequencies that these meters emit.

So I began with the alien topic and I'll finish with the same topic.  If the aliens have given us this technology, they could easily educate our enemy on how to hack into our grid system through this "smart technology" and shut down the entire electrical grid of our nation.  Our enemy could conceivably come over and invade us, activating our meters to chase us out of our homes in our pajamas and round us up with our depressed, insomnia driven brains, all cooked very nicely from the microwaves ovens that we hold up to our heads each day.

If the aliens could achieve that, they can probably take over the entire world in a similar manner, without anyone ever knowing about it.

But no ... that would never happen ... RIGHT?     

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