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The interveiw with Trista Dracule the daughter of the Count Dracule.
Trista a lovely young woman with a full figure and a round childish face. Hair to her mid back that had a natural wave to it was a pretty shade of lavender. Eyes veiled in dark lashes were a deep vibrant red marking her as a vampire. An interviewer was asked to ask her a few questions now that vampires were out in the open. However this vampiress is known to be highly agressive and not known to care for the lives of humans.

"Oh! An interview how thoughtful," Trista says crossing her long elegant legs; her alarmingly powerful allure making the human reporter very nervous. Even more so as she straightened her Victorian style lavender colored dress.

"Full name if you would?" He asked with an almost quivering voice as he looked into red eyes.

"Trista Victoria Dracule, Daughter of Count Vladimir Dracule." Trista says smoothly making the reporter gulp in hesitation.

"Where were you born Trista?" He asked.

"I was born in Transylvania, of course," Trista laughed a bell like sound and a very alluring and dangerous thing.

"Yes... of course," He cleared his throat and took a sip of water. "Do you have any siblings?"

"Blood? No, however I do have many brothers and sisters of the night, to many to name off," Trista said leaning forward a bit as if getting the human reporters scent.

"Are you allergic to anything... or have any weaknesses physically?" The reporter stared at his note book,

"Silver, I am highly allergic to silver. As well as blessed items and wood from a sacred tree," Trista said "Physical weakness however I do not have."

The reported shied away as her tone grew more tight and aggressive. "Left or right handed?" He asked

She was shocked by the change of topic "Right handed, predominantly though I can use my left for most things,"

"interesting," He said softly "How would you describe your childhood?"

"Ah nights of running through the gardens and days spent in a lavish castle, I do envy the me of my youth so simple and happy. I was loved by father very much and spoilt given anything i so much as glanced at."

"Do you have any regrets?" the reporter asked the musing Vampress.

"Yes I gave birth to a monster," Trista sighed "So unusual and spiteful the little brat."

"You have a child? what were they a boy or girl?" The reporter asked.

"Boy, his names Lucifer, Lucifer Damian Dracul," Trista said with acid in her voice. "I am in a foul mood Leave," with that the reporter ran from the house at full speed, fearful she would come to kill him if he did not.
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