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Two people set off fire works on the campus green.
He smiled when he met her in the secluded place they agreed upon. She lay across a blanket among bushes, which the campus groundskeepers planted to give students a private place to study. It was often used for carnal purposes. The setting sun did not provide a break from the hot, sticky, August day. He could see the sheen of perspiration on her skin. Her bikini top and Daisy Dukes clung to the curves of her body. She wiggled her bare toes; tipped with hot pink nails. She sensed his presence as he lay beside her, and rolled to see his blue eyes that matched hers. The remaining rays of sun danced over their golden, shoulder-length hair. He wore only a pair of cutoffs.

“Hi…!” He offered her a brilliant, white smile.

“Hi,” she breathed. “You here to see the fireworks?”

“Yeah.” His legs brushed hers. “And considering setting off some of our own.”

“I don’t have any fireworks.”

“No?” He leaned in and pressed his parted lips to hers. She welcomed his warm, wet tongue. She moaned softly as his large hand slid down the slick skin of her side. She ran her hands over his firm abs and pecs.

“Hungry?” He inquired softly. He moved to reveal the two plates he brought, which each contained a burger with everything, and some chips. She smiled as she took the plate from him, and bit into the burger. It was overcooked for her taste, but still satisfying. He opened a can of soda and touched it to her heated skin.

“Eee!” She squealed. “That’s cold!”

“Sorry, honey,” he chuckled. “It would have been a beer, but it’s a dry campus.”

“That’s ok,” she said around a mouth full of burger. She took a moment to swallow before speaking again. “Sorry, I guess I’m pretty hungry.”

“Save room for dessert,” he smiled suggestively.

It was dark by the time they finished eating. After disposing of their trash in the nearest can, he returned, and picked up the kiss where he’d left off. He rolled onto his back as she licked his abs, forging a path with her tongue to his chest. She took time circling each nipple with her tongue until it hardened to a tight point. He fisted his hands in her hair as she opened the fly of his shorts. He gasped as she took his long, hard cock into her mouth. He rolled his eyes up to see explosions of color light up the sky. He conveyed his enjoyment, running his fingers through her hair, and matching the movement of her mouth with the thrusting of his hips. He gripped her head as he pushed deep into her mouth and released a warm stream of pre-cum down her eager throat.

She crawled back up his body, and kissed his mouth, letting him taste himself on her lips and tongue. He rolled her onto her back and untied her bikini top, releasing her beautiful, firm, breasts. He sucked each nipple and lashed it with his tongue.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped between the booming sound of the second round of fireworks.

As he worked her nipples, his hands worked on divesting her of her shorts. He slid them, and her panties down her smooth thighs. She pulled her legs up so he could remove them without leaving her nipples. In the silence following the second round of fireworks, he trailed kisses down her body to her sex. When the next volley began, his mouth went to work on her swollen, wet sex. She bucked her hips as his tongue delved into her. A long string of exploding flowers masked her loud moans of pleasure as she released into his mouth. He crawled up her body and lined the huge crown of his cock up with her soft opening.

“Next is the finale,” he whispered. “I wonder if I can fuck you the entire time.”

“I have every confidence that you can,” she smiled up at him.

As the music began, signaling the finale, he pushed himself inside her. He slid in and out in time with the multiple explosions of the rapid fireworks. As they lessened, his pumping slowed. She released around his throbbing flesh, milking him dry.

“Welcome back to campus, Professor Stevens.”

“Thank you, Professor Williams.

Word Count: 719
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