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Children's poem about an ill-humoured slug, written for a contest
I'm Sidney the Slug,
I'm an ugly grey grub,
I don't give a mug
What you think of me!
I'll crawl up your wall,
Have a ball in your hall,
Slither off up your stool
When you're eating your tea.

I'm Sidney the Slug -
Not a creature you'd hug.
I'm the slimemaster bug
And I make ladies squeal!
I'll eat all your lettuce
If I feel a pit peckish,
Then on to your peppers
To finish my meal.

I'm Sidney the Slug
In your garden I'm snug
In an old upturned jug
And come out when it rains.
I'm nobody's friend
But I'm here 'til the end -
So bore someone else
With your gardening pains!

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