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by lenie
Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2009126
it is a dream of being about to be killed and being saved by a stranger.

I walked alone in the vast garden one evening. I heard the nightingale chirping from the nearby forest. The sweet fragrance of flowers filled the air. The cool breeze touched my cheeks. The black shaded canopy of trees reflected on the stream as the moonlight casted on it. I paced continuously in the dusk with a feeling of being amused.
Suddenly, I heard a loud roaring sound. As I turned back, I saw a long-haired monster which scared me most. It has a long tail and two big teeth in both sides of its mouth. It looked like a hungry lion which anytime can attack me and turn me into pieces. My heart fainted faster. I shook in fear. I ran away as fast as I could but it seemed that my feet did not move. It seemed that there was a strong force which caused me to halt.
The light of the moon became dimmer and dimmer. The roaring voice grew louder and stronger. I tried to escape and save myself but it is too late. The monster attacked me. The monster held my shoulders and lifted me up with its claws. It dragged me into the grassy and thorny ground. I attempted to stand up but my feet slipped and I fell down and rolled into the cliff. My whole body was aching. I felt the extreme pain. I screamed and shouted for help but my voice did not come out from my throat. I cannot utter any word. The monster roared with anger and stepped forward to me.

"How would it feel being eaten by a monster?" I said in my thought.

I closed my eyes. I took a deep breathe. I thought it would be the end of my life.

"If I will die, will I go to heaven, or, to hell?"

It was then after a few seconds when I heard another loud voice from a distance. What the voice said is not clear to me. I raised my head and forced my eyes to open.
I saw a man wore a helmet and a silvery white cloak. He had his arrow on his right hand, and a sheathed sword hung on his left side. The man shouted for the second time that caught the monster's attention. The monster turned back and looked toward to where the voice came from. They both stepped closer to each other.
Again, I tried to escape but I am too weak that I could not even move my feet. I clung on the herbs around me and attempted to move but my body was really heavy and again I stumbled on the ground.
The man shot the monster with his arrow attempted to kill it. The arrow hit the monster's back but still it was alive. The monster had given a chance to fight back against the man using its sharp claws. They both stumbled and rolled on the ground over and over again. The monster was about to bite the man with its strong teeth but fortunately, the man quickly took his sword and slashed the monster hitting on its left breast. The monster fell down. The fight was over. Finally, the man defeated the monster. Blood filled the ground which made the green grasses turned into red.

"He is my savior. He saved me from the harmful monster", I said to myself.

He took off his cloak and helmet and hung it on the herb under the big tree. I wanted to ask him many questions. I wanted to thank him but he was gone. I thought he left me alone at the foot of the cliff. I felt so tired that I napped for a moment.
I was so surprised when somebody tapped my shoulder. I was about to shout thinking that it was again the monster. It was much unexpected that I saw him again. He stood in front of me. He stared at me. Our eyes met. I did not know what to do and say. I just looked at his handsome face, imagined that he save my life from the ugly beast.
He then held my arms and supported me to stand.

"Thanks" I said.

"Thank you for saving my life." I spoke to him again.
I waited for his reply but he did not speak any word. I wanted to know his name and where did he came from. Suddenly, the strong wind blew and the giant bird appeared. The bird picked him up and carried him away. I did not where they'll be going.
I was about to cry in loneliness when I heard a loud knock on the door.
"Tok! Tok! Tok! "
I opened my eyes and realized that I was just dreaming. I heard my mother calling my name. I rashly woke up from my bed and looked at the big red clock hanged on the wall.
"Oh My God! It is already seven o'clock; I will be late in my class"

© Copyright 2014 lenie (yfclens at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2009126