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Anshel comes into your dreams at night and helps banish evil (A Ballad)
Late one night when all was peaceful,
I drifted off to sleep
Along beside me was my beagle
breathing through his
snout, deep.

Into dreamland I did venture
defense my only quest.
What a marvelous adventure
surpassing the wild west.

And while enfolded in that state
I heard a voice call out
resonating 'cross the estate
mighty, without a doubt.

A being of bold stature stood
glowing in its own light
we locked eyes and I understood
the reason for its plight.

Four huge wings, as a butterfly
feathered like a white dove
helps Anshel travel through the sky
a labor of true love.

Through the
dank, damp earth she travels
to battle all evil
'fore humanity unravels
devouring people.

ancient, reclusive power
a creature of virtue
she'll not surrender or tire
nor will she misconstrue.

She will come to you in your dreams
help you fight the good fight
sweeping away the screams
snarls that come in the black night.

Theme: Fantasy

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