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A series of fictional short stories about dreams
Chapter 2

I dreamed I was a male prisoner at Angola State Penitentiary. Angola is a Super max prison located 66 miles northwest of Francisville, Louisiana. I was in a unit with nothing but sick and dying inmates. The stand in nurse maids were fellow inmates. The inmates were all dressed in what seemed to be street clothes. Murders, robbers and rapist, all sorts of men were catering to the needs of others.

"Hey you inmate 972,"

"Who me?" I responded.

"Get over here and help me." He said with as little agitation in his voice as he could muster.

I quickly walked across the room and was told to grab both ends of a bed sheet. This was in order to reposition a patient. I found myself amongst men who had left the past behind and we're running towards redemption. I learned that the inmate I had helped earlier in the sick unit was named Boston. Boston was serving a life sentence for armed robbery. He said that he grew up around drugs and thieves. Boston got his first conviction at age thirteen, he had been in and out of foster homes and jail as long as he could remember.

"Yo G!" I heard Boston call out to me.

"Who me?" I replied in awe, after all I was a newbie.

"Yes you , I need you to come with me." He replied walking swiftly by me.

I had not noticed the day before where we were when I saw the sick inmates.

Angola's Hospice Center

Instantly I become afraid, I don't want to cause any harm to these sick and dying inmates. Boston rushes to the side of an inmate's bed to hold his hand. I feel helpless, the inmate is suffering, one of those breathes could be his last. His breathing sounds as if he is drowning, how long will this last? When will it end? I had had enough, I said goodbye to Boston and Angola's Hospice Unit. Before I left the unit, Boston wanted me to know the importance of the Hospice Unit. The unit helps both inmates, one doesn't have to die alone and the other gets a chance at redemption. "Now go away and never return."
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