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Description of the main race in my creation of the world Epic
Ethnicity Assignment #3

I plan on using the Nephilium race for the final exam. I have read many different writings that currently exist on this race and have taken this information with some ideas of my own to create this race. This all started in the spirit world. A group of spirits had been continuing on their learning path in the spirit world in spirit form. Much knowledge was gained in these experiments.

The most exceptional experiment was, the creation using molecular technology to create a body. When this was discovered this small group decided that they would test this knowledge in a world named Epic. Six were chosen to go, three males and three females. Before arriving in the physical realm the chosen six did some studying on the new world they are going to inhabit. While doing this they studied all they can about the human race which was the only race at that time on Epic. There were many things that the Nephilium thought they could help this race advance more quickly than at any other time in Epic’s existence up to this point. At this time they felt that they would be doing the humans a favour by helping them.

The Nephilium felt that the knowledge they have about the arts, math, science, and also the unwritten laws that exist in a physical realm. They have had lots of time to learn and perfect their knowledge in more areas than the present humans.

When the Nephilium arrive in the physical realm things are going good for the first little while. Than little bit by little bit there are things that the Nephilium see that are not in balance. For example, the humans are not at one with the land and the Nephilium know that your will be lived much happier when you are living with the land. This creates a rift between Nephilium and humans. A war occurs which wipes out a majority of the humans except for a few very small pockets of them are scattered throughout the land. This is when the Nephilium take their experiments to a whole new level. They create five new races which live in this world with the Nephilium ruling over them. This is the beginning of the takeover of the Nephilium.
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