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by chip
Rated: 13+ · Other · Crime/Gangster · #2009518
Continuation of Detecstive Nick Novak's work
Pix of detective

Vignette #3, chip  (13+)
Continuation of Detecstive Nick Novak's work
#2009518 by chip

W/C 2,750

PE 3, Sketch Supporting Character, Willy  (ASR)
Janitor supports nick novak
#2010056 by chip

Detective's Secretary

Sandra, Nick's Secretary

I'll be dammed if you get a penny out of me for driving askew to my destination, and you get no tip. You are also lucky that I don't report you to the BBB," Nick siad..
Nick, after dropping Diane Waters off with her parents amidst the tumulus, noisy, traffic hailed a taxi and instructed the worldly, street wise appearing, driver to go to 814 Union St. at Laguna. Because the driver went on a detour, and because Nick was overly tired, he flew off the handle.
The red bags under the detective’s eyes shouted (this dick is exhausted.) Nick entered the low rise where he worked, and riding the elevator to the 5th floor, gave him time to reminisce.
He thought to himself: I remember the day I hired Sandra Jarvis as my new secretary. What a brilliant help she is. Click, click, and click Nick’s shoes spoke out as they contacted the smooth, Italian, white, marble of the building housing the detective’s office,
Nick couldn’t help but to envision the scene when he said, “You are hired, Ms. Jarvis.”
She was lovely then and is a lovely young woman now. She graced his office with her presence and effervescent, professional, smile. “Detective Nick Novak?” she said.
“I reluctantly confessed that’s me, your name?”
“I’m Sandra Jarvis with high hopes of being your secretary. I’ve had these hopes for over a year, now.”
Do you type 55 words per minute? Can you take dictation using short hand?”
“Sandy, may I call you Sandy?”
“Certainly, most do”
“Sandy have you heard of the “Three Strikes Laws” that are statues enacted by state governments here in these 50 states. These require the state courts to impose a life sentence to persons who have been convicted of three or more serious criminal offenses,” Nick said.

“Yes, I’ve studied that law.”

“Well, good, I thought as much. Do you consider it wrong that by applying this law to the crime of stealing a set of golf clubs a person be put in prison for 25 years to life? What about obtaining 50 years to life sentence for stealing video tapes? Check out (Leandro Andrade—Rummel v. Estelle (1980.) Think of this; the Supreme Court upheld life with possible parole for a third-strike fraud felony in Texas, which arose from a refusal to (pay back) $120.75 paid for an air conditioning repair that was subsequently considered unsatisfactory What do you say to these court findings?”?”
Sandy thought a minute, and responded, “What happened to mercy?”
“Oh, oh, that’s just what I thought. Sandy, our laws are helpful in taking the bad citizens out of society and in protecting the good citizens. So, you being my secretary who stands for these laws might hope for mercy, but you need to make up your mind that these laws need to be enforced, and we may help,” Nick said.
“I couldn’t see a person be put in prison for 50 years to life for stealing videotapes.”
“Well, Sandy, do you want to help me or not?”
“You know how much I want to help you,” Sandy said.
“I must inform you, if you don’t put more emphasis on enforcing our laws, no matter how harsh they may seem to you, you may not work for me!”
“Oh, Nick, you can’t agree with this kind of sentencing. Please, I know you and I know what you stand for; you can’t believe in sentencing as this: I read about a person who grabbed a slice of pizza from a group of children get 25 to life. At that time I felt as I do now, what happened to mercy? Now, I will not ever go along with such unjust ways as these that show no mercy. I know your heart, and I know you are adamant about upholding any and all laws that are on the books, and I will not fight these laws, and of course, I will never go against you, as you go about enforcing them, but tell me honestly, you can’t see these sentencing’s for crimes as these as being just, can you?” Sandy asked.
“Who am I to question any of America’s courts or the laws on our books put there by legislature, political leaders, or out of common use? If they’re on the books, they are my bread and butter, and you had better believe they are yours also, or by, by.” Nick said.
“I’m first and foremost an American, and I don’t anticipate practicing social rebellion for any reason. I’ll leave that to the priests. “
“Great, Sandy, I want you here with me; you’re a smart gal, and a wise one as well. Here’s an application. Turn it back into me with a few words just why you have put your sights on working for me.”
“Yes, sir.”
Sandra went to work on the application. Sandra now called, Sandy was hired.
“You are hired, Ms. Jarvis,” Nick said

“Hello Mr. Novak, You certainly were in deep thought or was it a day dream?" Willy, the janitor said.
“ Willie, we've known each other for five years. Have you ever heard me say one good thing about a criminal?. Have I ever said there is some good in all the criminals?”
"No, can't say that I have. In fact, you put the fear of God in me when I hear you cuss law breakers out to yourself. Man, I wouldn't want to be arrested by you," Willie said.
"What you consider as my being down on criminals is mild as a Catholic Nun scolding a young student compared to my past hatred toward criminals. Willie I've witnessed a vile killer gamble his life by running through fire that not even the firemen could do to save a boy about to be burned to death. Willie, that gangster became a hero to me,” Nick said.
"Detective" Willie said. ", I'm glad you discovered this, because one day, when I was a boy, my father showed me some old newspapers he saved that had stories about the gangster, Al Capone and how he helped hundreds of ill and desolate citizens of Chicago."
"Ok, Ok Willie, I'm convinced there is some good in all criminals, and should not be hated, as I've done. Thanks Willie. Have you seen Sandy today?”
“Why, yes, Mr. Novak. She left at 5:00.”
“Thank you; good to be back from Los Angeles, now off to work. By, by, Willie.”
On entering his office, a note raised by the draft of the opening of the door fell, at his feet.
“Do not be surprised at your good fortune, yet in a few days you will be given the opportunity to earn three times what you do now,” anonymous.
“Mr. Novak, a visitor has an enterprising offer for you. Do you want to be too busy until later?”
“No, send him in.” The visitor shocked Nick by his offering.
“My name is Tony, the quiet, Polizzi. I have a message for you from my boss.”
“You know my boss, Julio Gizzo who has now gone totally legit. He will pay you Seventy Thousand Dollars a year, and that is just a beginning. He has purchased a security company, Dead Eye Monitoring, DEM, with the money he received from selling his dairy farm and grocery store. What he wants is for you to train his recruits in marksmanship, observing and reporting techniques, firefighting, search and seizure, and citizen’s arrest methods,” Tony Polizzi said.
“Tell your boss, Julio, that I am glad he went legit, but I love my work and will not change it, sorry”
“Listen, you either work for Gizzo, or you will not work. How would the public consider you seeing in the press that you’re under suspicion of being a communist? How much business would you obtain from the public once they are aware you are suspected of being a member of the communist party?”
“So Gizzo is all legit; well, this is extortion and isn’t legit. He’s worse than ever doing things as this.”
Sandy enters stating that an agent from the FBI is waiting to see you.
Gizzo’s man, Tony, the quiet, Polizzi. leaves quietly.
“Thank you, Sandy; you are worthy of your pay.”
“Don’t bother coming out, I have the stationary posing as an FBI agent, but I’ve given him the order already.”
“Great, you take an extra half hour lunch.”
The next day a security officer from Dead Eye Monitoring (DEM) entered the detective’s office and asked Sandra to tell Nick that a friend of Gizzo is here. Sandra, knowing about Gizzo, told the officer that Nick is on the phone with the FBI and that he would need to wait. AT that minute, Mr. Waters entered with a gift wrapped package for Nick.
“Well if it isn’t Ralph, the Sheriff’s deputy. Come over here officer; place your gift on the table. and go on in. You’re right on time.”
“Fine, OK, but I need to get back to the jail soon,” Mr. Waters’ said.
“I’m sorry, I can’t wait anymore; I have things to do,” the (DEM) guard said and left.
“Sir, I scarred a henchman of Julio Gizzo’s away with the help of Mr. Waters, posing as a Sheriff’s deputy for me ,” Sandy said. “Here, Nick,is a statement from LAPD about Julio Gizzo; they want information about him, and they have an idea you may be able to help since you stole one of his porn models, Diane Waters, from him.”
“Put that letter in width the Discarded Mail Drawer, please.”
To the gigantic surprise of Sandy, she couldn’t believe her eyes on seeing some startling documents of hate in Nick’s Discarded Mail Drawer: Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio deliberately makes a stay in his jail as horrible as he can for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are there for a traffic ticket, merely awaiting an arraignment date, or maybe they’re there for grand theft auto, they all suffer the same fate. Thank goodness, another Zero Tolerance Law.
Noted Detective Novak.
Middle schoolers receiving suspension for fighting back against bullies who receive suspension for the same or even lesser amount of time. The Zero Tolerance Law is upheld up more ridgedly with minorities than with the whites.

Thank goodness for Zero Tolerance Laws Noted Detective Novak.

The broad and severe punishments are supposed to take the “burden” of decision-making out of the hands of teachers and administrators, alleviating chance of being sued. Students expelled for possessing such “dangerous substances” as Midol or mouth wash and such “dangerous weapons” as finger nail clippers.
Zero Tolerance Laws in schools and workplaces, great. Knock it to ‘em. Noted Detective Novak.
Sandra saw these hate filled, but legal documents relating to legal punishments for minor faults or so called crimes. She read, in his drawer, papers by authors the road to Hell is sometimes defined to be so wide that people with basically slight or even no sin at all will end up there anyway.

In film being sent to Hell is so easy that a single curse can do it. In Drag Me to Hell, regardless of how good you’ve lived your life or what good you’ve done
Thank goodness for Zero Tolerance Laws shown in films Noted Detective Novak

Sandra thougsht to herself, "The dates on these documents were early in the year and last year, but the Detective has changed radically since returning from LA where he saw Guzzo save that boy from fire. I'm surprized he used to have such hate for criminals."

“Sir there is a man from the ACLU here to see you.”

“Send him in Sandy.”

“Detective Nick Novak?” the ACLU member said.


“Well, sir, Julio Gizzo has just been arrested and is being extradited to Los Angeles for being a suspect in a murder case, an extortion case, and a pornography case. What I was informed is that you want to see criminals receive their legal rights and wipe out Zero Tolerance,” the ACLU member said.

.“We have reason to believe there is Savage Gang of Deputies Controlling LA County Jails." a segment of some of these deputies are out too rough Gizzo up. One of the guard’s daughters was put upon (forced to have sex) by Gizzo behind the scenes of his porn movies. What we want is to photo Gizzo in the nude from all angles. We'll do that again once sent to the penitentiary, and if there is but one guard inflicted mark on his body, we'll sue."

“I was a Zero Tolerance adherent until I saw Gizzo save a boy from burning alive; now I’ve dropped that philosophy and believe in mercy for criminals, as there is some good in all of them. I will make a donation of $8,000 to ACLU and I plan to speak to the recruits at the San Francisco Police Academy on the subject, sort of a testimony speech how I quit the hatred for criminals and changed to showing them mercy From speaking to the academy, I'm going on a speaking tour with the same want: stop Zero Tolerance, and see the good in all criminals.”

Great, with your money we're sure to get the before and after photos of Gizzo we need., Thank you," the ACLU member said.

"Oh, Nick, I need to warn you, your desiring to speak on Criminal Rights is good, but tough. I see your want as being easier if you call on us if rough stuff comes at you.”
"OK, I'll call the you if it looks like I may be a victim. I wil be fighting the Zero Tolerance Laws and practices. I hope to encourage more use of the power of mercy in law enforcement, court sentencing, and in the penal systems." Nick said..” Could it be by encouraging more mercy in our judicial system, I might be a private dick saint?”

“All things are possible, Nick, don’t forget to call us if you are a target of physical hostility, bye, bye.”
The ACLU member left Nick in a state of some worry about confronting unmerciful political leaders, unmerciful penal system wardens and other Americans who haven’t a speck of understanding of the criminals' plight, and that there is some good in all of them.


PE 3, Sketch Supporting Character, Willy  (ASR)
Janitor supports nick novak
#2010056 by chip

Character Sketch of Willy Granger

the Janitor

Name: Willy Granger
Age: 68
Location: Lives at Sutter and Stiener, Western Addition of San Francisco.
Family History: Parents: George and Paula, with Willy are from Mississippi. His great, great grandparents were slaves.
Career aspirations: None, Willy will be retiring within a year. Wants to go fishing.
Race: Afro American
Features: Gray hair, strong jaw line, medium nose, black eyes, no blemishes on face. Good looking.
Appearance: 5’11” tall and 155lbs, slight of build. Wears baggy tan pants, but each day finds Willy in a newly cleaned white shirt.
Likes: Sipping beer on the embarcadero of San Francisco watching the boats.
Dislikes: Graffiti artists and prejudiced people.
Physical condition: Not perfect, but not too bad. He has a slight case of osteoporosis
Ailments: Wears glasses and hearing aid. Some gastronomical problem at times.
Education: Left school after the sixth grade.
Socioeconomic background: Willy and all his known family have always been poor.
Parents: George and Paula decendents of slaves in Mississipi.
Siblings: His oldest sister has passed on. His two brothers have moved to England.
Ambition: Wants to finish his janitorial work perfectly, so he will have had a great reputation.
Hobbies: Likes listening to baseball on the radio and watch it on TV at times.
Significant Others: Willy lives alone. His wife left him for another man ten years ago after 9 years of marriage, with no children.
Intelligence: Smart about knowing what chemical cleans what mess. Wise thinker. Has good common sense.
Emotional Stability: Good and sound personality. Enjoys his senior standing in the community.
Flaws: Leans towards flattering people but not too badly.
Other Traits: Loves children yet has none of his own.
Pivotal events in life: After 9 years of marriage, his wife ran off with another man.
Favorite foods:Hamburgers and chili.
Favorite music: Soft jazz and chamber music with strings.
Favorite reading material: Detective stories and mystery magazines as Hitchcock’s.
Religion: Third Baptist. Goes to service each Sunday.
Personality: Mellow, peaceful, smooth and happy. He is a loving soul.
Habits: Smokes a pipe at home at times.
Favorite thing to do: Watch documentaries on TV. Likes History Channel besides watching baseball games and listening to them on radio.
Comfort level with opposite sex: Hasn’t any interest in the opposite sex, but always acts the gentleman, so he finds it comfortable to be around women.
Things he/she takes pride in: Never late to work and rarely misses, his reputation for cleaning in the corners of the floor well.
Things that bother him/her: The youth who poke fun at him. Gays who hit on him.
Things that make him/her laugh: Preachers jokes and children at play..
Speech patterns: Little slow with little southern accent.


Prose Synopsis

Willy, like other Southerners making their way to the cities from the South with Martin Luther King's help is tremendously greatful for the civil rights movement. Before reaching San Francisco, his parents and he lived in New York City. George, his father began supporting his family by working in a woodshop putting together tables and chairs right off the lathe. Once there was enough savings, they moved to San Francisco's Western Addition, and Willy became a janitor when he dropped out of school before the seventh grade.

His day by day living was smooth until after nine years of marriage, no children, his wife picked up and left him for another man, leaving Willy with a slight case of depression. He regained his health by prayer and Biblical reading while attending Third Baptist's services on weekends. He never married again, and always was standoffish with women, maintaing his gentlemanly distance.

Currently Willy's life begins with an early breakfast, eggs bacon or pancakes, then some prayers, and finally off to work. He is sure to do a good job especially in the corners. He keeps them clean.

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© Copyright 2014 chip (chipkath at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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