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An acrostic of one of the legendary WdC reviewing groups.
Writing a review.
Dotting every "I",
Crossing every "T".

Providing feedback to an author,
Or assessing a product you've sampled.
Wielding the pen, and analytical eye,
Every line intended to lift up, to help improve.
Reading from the heart what another has labored over.

Respectful and at times challenging to provide that little bit more.
Editing the work of another is an honor and a privilege.
Viewing a portfolio, an item catches your eye.
Intrigued by the description, or even the title .
Every effort is made to see whats up in this item.
Writing what you see coming from the heart,
Encourages you, the reader, or maybe even causes you to pause and think.
Reviewing with power, inspired by the piece, away you go.
Serving up an organized review for the author to peruse, this group, the

WDC Power Reviewers, are legends among the reviewing groups,
Diving into their reviews with passion, care and concern.

WDC Power Reviewers
An Acrostic
by Steve Cope
featured in Power Reviewers Newsletter 09-22-14

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