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by Glyss
Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · Drama · #2009785
can't accept fate
You could say that I've been jaded, that after where I've been and what I've done, with what I've seen, that I've become so cold and sick that my soul went numb, and now my heart is worn and faded and my mind is already old.

And though I hesitate to say it, my conscience is loath to say a word, because if it breaks the silence then it can not stop until I have heard exactly what all my hate and violence has done to help the world.

But when I see you slipping away, when I know that we've gone astray, and that we are about to make a mistake, all I can do is pray that world will stay the hell out of my way because I can't wait and leave it up to fate on whether or not my whole world has break and leave me drifting like a corpse in the wake of all my mistakes from my first breath to this terrible day where every part of my being is screaming at me to do what ever I must to save us from the fate that I see!
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