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This is my first entry in the Character Gauntlet.
The fall season was upon the residents of Newton, Massachusetts. The new school season was about to start and there was chaos all around. Families rushed to the nearest stores to load up on school uniforms, street clothes, school supplies, and mobbed the grocery delis for lunch meats and cheeses for their children's lunches. The Eldritches, Katheryn and Nathaniel, carried on as usual. They had been married since they were fifteen years old. There were no children in their household - yet. At present, they were more focused on their careers than anything else. Katheryn and Nathaniel were great spenders too. They enjoyed their lavish lifestyle.

Katheryn was born and raised in Franklin, New Hampshire. Her father was a textile maker at a local factory in 1962. During her father's stint as a textile maker, the woman who would soon be her mother was working at the local cotton mill. Three years would pass by before Katheryn's mother and father would marry. Despite the difficult economic times, James and Mary were able to make ends meet - albeit barely. Katheryn would be born in 1970. As she got older, she would inherit $500,000 from her father's death and an extra $500,000 from the death of her mother. This made her happy because she loved to buy, buy, buy. However, Katheryn was not great at managing money. She went to Cambridge College and received a Master of Management (MM) degree.

Nathaniel was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts in 1975. His father was a businessman at the local bank; his mother was a lawyer. He always had money to buy things. This lifestyle is one he aspired to having someday in his future. Nathaniel would buy anything he wanted, whenever he wanted. The cost of such things did not matter to him. He had money to spend, so that is what he did. After graduating from high school, Nathaniel went on to Harvard Law School. He received both J.D. (Juris Doctor) and LL.M. (Master of Laws) degrees. In his mind, he would be the richest man in Newton, Massachusetts.

Newton, Massachusetts had some of the best schools in their state. The crime rate was not shabby either. Their crime rate was less than fifty percent. The job market was good for residents. In the eyes of the community, it was the perfect place to be for familial and financial reasons.

The Eldritches looked at their finances and smiled. They had $250,000 to spend on whatever they wanted. The bills could wait. Katheryn and Nathaniel felt they had plenty of money to keep their bills paid. After going over their finances, they decided to go on a shopping spree. The couple spent $75,000 a piece on their clothing, jewelry, knick knacks, and everything they could get their hands on. The other $100,000 they booked a cruise that took them all around Europe. The more they traveled to various places, the more their spending increased. The thought that kept going through their mind was We will always have plenty of money to spend.

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