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Janitor supports nick novak
PE 3, Sketch Supporting Character, Willy  (ASR)
Janitor supports nick novak
#2010056 by chip

Character Sketch of Willy Granger

the Janitor

Name: Willy Granger

Age: 68
Location: Lives at Sutter and Steiner, Western Addition of San Francisco.
Family History: Parents: George and Paula, with Willy are from Mississippi. His great, great grandparents were slaves.
Career aspirations: None, Willy will be retiring within a year. Wants to go fishing.
Race: Afro American
Features: Gray hair, strong jaw line, medium nose, black eyes, no blemishes on face. Good looking.
Appearance: 5’11” tall and 155lbs, slight of build. Wears baggy tan pants, but each day finds Willy in a newly cleaned white shirt.
Likes: Sipping beer on the embarcadero of San Francisco watching the boats.
Dislikes: Graffiti artists and prejudiced people.
Physical condition: Not perfect, but not too bad. He has a slight case of osteoporosis
Ailments: Wears glasses and hearing aid. Some gastronomical problem at times.
Education: Left school after the sixth grade.
Socioeconomic background: Willy and all his known family have always been poor.
Parents: George and Paula decedents of slaves in Mississippi.
Siblings: His oldest sister has passed on. His two brothers have moved to England.
Ambition: Wants to finish his janitorial work perfectly, so he will have had a great reputation.
Hobbies: Likes listening to baseball on the radio and watch it on TV at times.
Significant Others: Willy lives alone. His wife left him for another man ten years ago after 9 years of marriage, with no children.
Intelligence: Smart about knowing what chemical cleans what mess. Wise thinker. Has good common sense.
Emotional Stability: Good and sound personality. Enjoys his senior standing in the community.
Flaws: Leans towards flattering people but not too badly.
Other Traits: Loves children yet has none of his own.
Pivotal events in life: After 9 years of marriage, his wife ran off with another man.
Favorite foods: Hamburgers and chili.
Favorite music: Soft jazz and chamber music with strings.
Favorite reading material: Detective stories and mystery magazines as Hitchcock’s.
Religion: Third Baptist. Goes to service each Sunday.
Personality: Mellow, peaceful, smooth and happy. He is a loving soul.
Habits: Smokes a pipe at home at times.
Favorite thing to do: Watch documentaries on TV. Likes History Channel besides watching baseball games and listening to them on radio.
Comfort level with opposite sex: Hasn’t any interest in the opposite sex, but always acts the gentleman, so he finds it comfortable to be around women.
Things he/she takes pride in: Never late to work and rarely misses, his reputation for cleaning in the corners of the floor well.
Things that bother him/her: The youth who poke fun at him. Gays who hit on him.
Things that make him/her laugh: Preachers jokes and children at play...
Speech patterns: Little slow with little southern accent.

Prose Synopsis

Willy, like other Southerners making their way to the cities from the South with Martin Luther King's help is tremendously grateful for the civil rights movement. Before reaching San Francisco, his parents and he lived in New York City. George, his father began supporting his family by working in a woodshop putting together tables and chairs right off the lathe. Once there was enough savings, they moved to San Francisco's Western Addition, and Willy became a janitor when he dropped out of school before the seventh grade.

His day by day living was smooth until after nine years of marriage, no children, and his wife picked up and left him for another man, leaving Willy with a slight case of depression. He regained his health by prayer and Biblical reading while attending Third Baptist's services on weekends. He never married again, and always was standoffish with women, maintain his gentlemanly distance.

Currently Willy's life begins with an early breakfast, eggs bacon or pancakes, then some prayers, and finally off to work. He is sure to do a good job especially in the corners. He keeps them clean.

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