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Josie attends her first day of class
The first bell of the morning had already rung, and Josie was running late. She had been delayed at the entrance trying to get through the security, and now she had no idea where her first class was. She ran down the hallway, looking frantically for Room 27. She turned the corner and ran smack dab into someone. Josie and her victim tumbled to the ground, the items they had been carrying scattered around them.

Josie shook her head, silently berating herself for her clumsiness. “I’m so sorry” she apologized as she scurried around the floor, gathering up her belongings. The man bent to help retrieve a couple of her items and smiled a sexy crooked grin as he watched her. He hadn’t seen her face yet, but something about her voice made him feel warm and happy inside.

“No, no, it’s my fault. I’m sorry.” the man countered. “I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” The man spoke in an incredibly deep sexy voice that made Josie’s heart suddenly begin to pound furiously.

Josie stood and turned to speak to the man with the incredible voice. She found herself looking into those amazing green eyes, the same green eyes that had been in her dreams ever since October.

“S-s-s-sam.” She stammered.

Sam looked questioningly at the girl/woman in front of him. The hair was different, but there was no denying those eyes. The big blue eyes that seemed to reach deep into his soul. “Josie? Josie…what are you doing here?” he asked in disbelief.

The second bell rang, startling them both back to reality.

Josie looked down the hallway nervously. “I need to get to class. Can I come see you after school? I can explain everything then, okay?”

Sam could only manage to nod his head. He couldn’t believe his eyes, seeing Josie again. This was something he had longed for ever since that disastrous night in New York.

Josie smiled gratefully and ran down the hall towards her classroom. Sam stared after her, promising himself that this time, he was not going to lose her.

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