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Character Gauntlet Challenge Day Six
Onyx regained consciousness to the sound of weeping, and pleading. Her eyes shifted to panther eyes, giving her better night sight. A man stood over a bound and weeping Kaela. She was on her stomach, and the skirt of her dress had been torn to reveal her nakedness. The man that stood over her was laughing and lifting her hind end for easier access. No! Onyx cried, but it only came out as a growl around the wad of rags in her mouth, held there by another tied around her head. She reached to remove it only to discover that her hands were bound behind her back.

"Don't you worry," Kaela's assailant looked over his shoulder at Onyx. "You'll get your turn when I'm through with this one. Until then you can just enjoy the show."

Onyx shifted her legs, and found they were free. She focused on turning them into her hybrid legs. Kaela cried out in agony as the beast of a man invaded her. Onyx warmed her way up behind the beast, and positioned herself, so that her legs were between his. She kicked with all her might smashing her foot into the apex between his thighs. The man lost his air and collapsed on top of Kaela who gave one final whimper as he fell limply out of her. Kaela did her best to squirm out from under her attacker.

"Is he dead?"

I hope so, Onyx thought savagely. She focused her energy into bringing out her retractable panther claws. How did this happen? She attempted to recall the events that led up to this moment while she worked her claws through her bonds.

Kaela talked Onyx into riding to the village with her to see Lao. It was a beautiful morning for riding. While they rode they laughed and joked about how Kaela was going to leave Onyx with Lao for the day. We never made it to the village, Onyx realized as the ropes binding her wrists gave. She removed the gag, but did not speak. She was about to free Kaela when they heard another manâs voice outside.

"Kai, you dumb bastard!" The voice outside called. "You better not be fucking the merchandise!"

"Oh! No!" Kaela exclaimed.

Onyx pressed a finger to her own lips, and backed out of the lantern light fading into the darkness of the tent. Kaela shifted so that she was sitting on the tent floor as the other man entered the tent. She was silently weeping, and praying. The man looked down at the body of his companion, and then turned his eyes on Kaela. The young woman was doing her best to hold a torn bodice closed, and her skirt had been torn open.

"Kai, you dumb shit," the other man grumbled. He moved to Kaela, and crouched in front of her. "Did he finish?"

"I..." Kaela began. Before she could finish a dark form leapt over her, and pinned the other man to the ground. Kaela recognized Onyx in her panther form. As a half breed she would never be able to achieve a dire panther form, but even a regular panther could tear a manâs throat out.

"Please no," the man pleaded. His pleas became gurgles as Onyx's mouth clamped around his throat.

"Onyx no!" Kaela cried. "Donât kill him!"

Onyx shook her head causing her victim to shake. She reached out to Kaela through spirit. Kaela gave in easily and let Onyx speak through her.

"Who are you?" Onyx demanded through Kaela's voice.

"We are just simple slave traders," the man protested. âWe saw you riding alone, and figured you were easy targets."

"You figured wrong," Onyx snarled through Kaela's voice. The panther snarled as well and clamped down on its victimâs throat. Onyx willed Kaela to stand, and walked her over to wear she held the man. She knelt beside the man with her back to him. "Cut me loose."

The man shifted under the weight of the large cat, and produced a dagger from his belt. Onyx laid her panther body on his upper body so that he could not lift the arm to stab either of them. The man used the part of his arm he could move to cut through the bonds on Kaelaâs wrists. Once Kaela was free Onyx released her. Kaela stood, and pulled her dress up to cover herself.

"Ony please don't kill him," Kaela pleaded.

Onyx released the man's throat, and stepped off of him. He sat up, and kept his eyes on the panther. Onyx stood between him and Kaela snarling and showing her teeth.

"Our horses?" Kaela inquired.

"Tied with our horses," the man answered.

"We'll let you go," Kaela stated, "but you will spread the word, slave traders are not welcome in the lands ruled by Lady Onyx. If you or any of yours set foot on her land you will be cut down."

"I understand," the man pulled his knees up to his chest.

Kaela left the tent, and Onyx followed her, still in panther form. They moved to the horse lines to retrieve their horses. The slave tradersâ horses reared and whickered at the sight of the panther. Onyx and Kaelaâs horses merely stood silent as Kaela untied them. When the slave tradersâ horses were freed Onyx sent them tearing off into the night with a loud roar. She turned back into her human form, and mounted her own horse. Once Kaela was mounted the women rode away into the night. Onyx used her night sight to guide them back to her palace.

Word Count: 932
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