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V.D. Tamien's random thoughts for the day transformed into an essay about life's miracle.
It is but a given fact that once you realize you're growing up already, it's when pertinent realizations come to visit your mind. On the one hand, life is sweet - 'cause there's so many moments to cherish: the laughter you share with your friends, the caring family you have, the smile of your crush in school that makes your morning bright, the chirping of the birds on the tree, your cool teacher who make your school days so light and inspiring, the thank-you you receive from the people you help, the kind janitor in school... you name it! On the other hand, life is bitter - there are things that sometimes pull your sleeves down: your strict parents who'd always shout at you because of your not-so-good ratings in school, your siblings who scribble on your assignments, the breakfast you never liked to eat, the bullies in school... and all the blah-blahs. But if you'd look at life in its other sense, you'd realize that, yeah, there are bitter moments, but would I allow them to ruin my life? Of course not. You wouldn't allow them. You control your life. It's up to you how you'd run it.

You might probably heard of so many suicide cases all around the globe. They're on CNN, BBC, and your local channels. It's alarming, right? But can we really blame those who do that? Can we blame them who decide to end their life with pills-overdose or rope that pains the neck? No, we can't. We don't know their story. The thing is: it's so easy to give up, but it's so difficult to search for the beauty of life we all live. Perhaps, they're searching for something that, since childhood they didn't have. If you happen to read Paulo Coelho's VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE - or probably viewed it on YouTube - you'd realize that the society has a huge role in influencing our decisions in life.

Veronika decided to die by overdosing pills, but she didn't die. She found herself in Villette - an institution for 'crazy' people. Call them crazy, but they're not. It's us who create them... it's us who make their existence possible. Veronika had so many realizations, to the point that she changed her view in her life. She learned to love it, 'cause in Villette, she saw what it means to live. It means being happy and contented with everything you have - and considering each day of your life a MIRACLE.

There's miracle all around us. Your mere existence is miracle itself. Yeah, you may not have the person you think you fell in love with, but there's so many fish in the ocean, as they say. You may not be the best scorer in class, but at least you're good at something else the top scorer is not. You may not be as beautiful as a celebrity, but at least you have a voice that can move the world. Life is so beautiful, you know. Sam Berns had this philosophy to 'be OK with what you ultimately can't do, because there's so much you can do." It's my number-one philosophy, too. I know I'm not a born athlete, but at least I can transform my thoughts into words that can reach many people, like you. I may not be a Math wizard, but at least I'm a book-lover.

Just learn to appreciate your life... learn to laugh everyday... learn to smile at yourself in the mirror... learn to embrace yourself with all that you are, 'cause you're beautiful - and you're a MIRACLE. :)
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