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There isn't much to tell about my work. It is what it simply is.
And I am in love with you. And I can't take the lonely hours any longer because every minute without you, is like an eternity. An eternity filled with silent moments and depressing feelings.
This is not my finest work. But every word that I write down about you is worth the time and space. My heart is forever yours and these feelings are forever one sided. This is almost enough to help the long hours. Writing is the only time I can be with you without actually being with you. The memories don't fade but become twisted into what I want to be there. And I am scared that I'm becoming a bank of false hope.
This is what I am. This is what I will forever be. I'm alone. I'm scared. And I am lost. So spare me the denial and just go. Don't wait for me at the end of the tunnel because I belong in the darkness. Light cannot help me. Love cannot help me. Nothing can help me. And if it has been this way for this long, then time cannot help me.
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