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Tribute pastiche of Daenerys Stormborn from G.O.T. with melody from Frozen's "Let It Go."
This is a tribute to Daenerys Stormburn from A Game of Thones via a pastiche to the hit song "Let It Go" from Frozen, particularly the version song by Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) in the film. I found the characters had interesting parallels and wrote this hypothetical lyrics for how the young Targaryen lady would express her situation in song--I don't think that will happen in the HBO series or Geroge R. R. Martin's books soon.

Warning: Major Spoilers for A Song of Ice and Fire series from A Game of Thrones through A Clash of Swords and/or the first three seasons of HBO's Game of Throne.

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The House of Blood and Fire seems put out
No dragons left to see.
Viserys is the Beggar King
Who sold me to be a Khalessi.

The ember is flickering like this terror deep inside;
Couldn’t control it, the Seven knows I’d die.

Don’t resist Viserys, don’t start to believe
‘A horselord slut,’ brother said, Dany.
'Obey, don’t make the dragons awake.'
Well, they’re awake.

Let them burn, let them burn
Viserys has his golden crown.
Let them burn, let them burn
The Maegi is ciders on the ground.

I’m Targaryen.
Mother of Drogon,
Rhaegal, Viserion.
I’m unburnt by the flames.

It’s uplifting to ride with Ser Jorah
and blood of my blood, khalasar.
And Drogo rides the Nightlands, so I’ll rule
Without my sun and stars.

We survive crossing the Red Waste,
Then Qarth’s Thirteen, yet two-faced.
No deals, no chains, no slavery
The sea.

Let them burn, let them burn
The warlock got my dragons' fire.
Let them burn, let them burn
Xaros entombed to expire.

I’m Daenerys.
Mother of Dragons,
the Unburnt, Silver Queen.

Leading the first khalasar on poisoned water.
Emancipating the Unsullied at Astapor.
And we're joined by Barristan the Bold.
We liberate thousands,
Yunkai doesn’t hold.

Let them burn, let them burn
Second Sons lose their head.
Let them burn, let them burn
Wise Masters also dead.

I’m Mhysa.
The Breaker of Chains,
I’ll have the Iron Throne.
I’m unburnt by the flames.
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