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The struggles of being an insomniac. A comical view.
The Kiss of Life

It feels like I've been up with no sleep for three days, I'm so tired.

My eyelids feel like they're made of lead, they're so heavy.

But I'm an insomniac and I know that if I don't take some melatonin to help me sleep, I'll just lay there ... awake all night.

I've had a little snack, so I'm not going to be hungry.

I think I'm ready for bed.

I'm too tired to brush my teeth tonight, so I'll swish with some antiseptic mouthwash and brush in the morning.

Lets see ... oh yes the white noise machine.  I have to have that on to drown out the neighbors motorcycle at 6am.

Now, off with the clothes, except for my boxers.  Never know if I'll have to get up for some emergency.  God forbid I should be naked!

Mmmmm ... It feels so nice to be under the covers ... sweet dreams to me.

Dang it, I forgot to turn down the heat.  I'll never get to sleep if I'm too hot.  And I was so comfortable.

Ok, 67 degrees ... perfect.  It will take 15 minutes to cool down.

Back to bed.  Oh shoot, the cat's in the bedroom.  OUT KITTY!

Wow, I'm really feeling the effects from the sleep aid now.

I think I'm as comfortable now as I was five minutes ago.

Oh ya, where's my sleep mask for the morning?  I can't seem to find it.  Dang it, I'll have to get up and look for it.

There it is ... if I would have felt around two inches higher, I'd have found it.

Time to get comfortable again.  It's going to take another half hour of tossing and turning to get back to sleep.

Now I'm feeling the Sandman knocking at my door ... finally.

Ouch, my stomach hurts.  I knew I shouldn't have eaten that grilled cheese sandwich with milk.  Here I come bathroom.

Oh good, it was only a gas bubble ... back to bed.

This gel Beauty-rest mattress topper was money well spent.

What time is it?  2:45am.  I hope I'm asleep by 3am.

Hi Sandman ... come tuck me in.  ZZZZZZZZ

What the bloody hell was that noise?  What time is it anyway? ... 3:30am.  I'm not getting up to check it out.

My ear itches.  I mean it itches deep inside.  I'll have to get up again.  A little hydrogen peroxide on a Q tip will cure this itch.

I might as well see what all that racket was about, since I'm already up.

Ah, the cat knocked over the lamp in the living room.  BAD KITTY!  GO TO BED!

I'm going to have to take another melatonin now ... I'll check for emails while that's kicking in.

Oh no ... Sis took mom to the ER with chest pains.  I'd better get dressed and go meet them.

Turns out it was just a little "gas bubble".

Back in bed now at 6:12am.  I just flipped off the neighbor who was firing up his chopper to go to work.  One of those "scratch your face while giving the bird" gestures.

I'm exhausted.  Just two hours of sleep Lord, before I have to get up. PLEASE?

After two hours of sleep ... I'm still exhausted.

Coffee ... the kiss of life.     

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