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V.D. Tamien's random thoughts for today transformed into an essay about 'falling in-love'.
Can we really say that we can feel in-love with a person even just for a while? I really think it's very possible, 'cause love is so mysterious that we sometimes don't understand how it moves. Love has so many meanings - and that includes your own definition of it. We define love based on how we experience it. You might have felt love when your mom gave you a kiss before leaving the house (though sometimes it's irritating - but that's how moms love their kids) or when your crush passed by, that you felt your heart beat so fast, as though happiness is all that you felt. As for me, I think I felt love just earlier. You know, I was simply chatting with her... I smiled... we laughed... we talked about random things - and that's love for me; I felt love the moment I started chatting with her. She's just one of those ordinary girls in school whom people don't really notice that much. She's that type of girl who wears her bag-pack in a rather odd way (but which I like about her)... she's that type of girl who speaks so loud, that the entire class cover their ears every time she does that... she's that type of girl who loves books more than I do... she speaks so good: the thing that first made me feel so attracted to her.

I think love - or attraction - comes in many forms: you may be attracted to a person because of his/her intelligence... the kind attitude... the lovely face... or perhaps that feeling you feel whenever you're with that person. It's quite difficult to explain it, right? When you feel happy being around with a person, that's love. When you like the way he/she smiles, that's love, too. When a simple 'hi' or 'thank-you' made you feel so touched, then that's love as well. Love never lets us feel pain (though sometimes it becomes a long-time consequence) nor does it hinder us from smiling or giggling with all our might. That's love. You know it's love when you feel it.

I dunno 'bout you, but I appreciate short moments of falling in-love. It's as though, I get to enter a magical world... feeling all my hair up... my heart beat fast... just for a while... then, later on, they're gone. Sad,  but at least I fell in-love even just for a little time. You may say that it's not really love, 'cause it should at least take four months to finally be developed... but, I do believe in such things as short moments of falling in love. The heart feels love in all its forms all the time. Just learn to listen. You know what, I guess you don't have to look for a long-term love (when in the end it would just turn into dust)... I think short-term love moments are good enough for you to love and feel loved. Just learn to appreciate every little thing on earth - especially moments.
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