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by Belial
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Horror/Scary · #2010948
An experiment with horror and the number nine. Supposedly, a satanic number.
The criminals and I did gather

At the rotting corpse of a castle

Bound in wickedness and in anger

This ground would soon become our temple

In the forest, we were as demons

A coven of sadistic creatures

To slake our lusts, avoiding prisons

We liv'd humbly with some strange features

Our bandit camp conceal'd our dealings

The wither'd foundations serv'd us well

With wooden walls and canvas ceilings

We erected our impromptu hell

Lost and damn'd upon the ancient track

Deflowering the verdant ruins

Wrath unleash'd, "there is no turning back

A grim infernal rite now begins"

With murder did our grand games commence

Our souls did burst with a darken'd fire

Desecration lasts centuries hence

We invok'd hate and unclean desire

Blood, sweat, tears, flesh, bones, breasts, and organs

Decorated well the weathered stone

As did the sever'd heads of orphans

To remind us that we weren't alone

Our victims stayed with us forever

For their shrill screams were as works of art

And their deaths bless'd bonds none could sever

For I loved each one with all my heart

We morbid band of cold blasphemers

Stole innocents from their daily lives

Off'ring their souls to our sweet masters

By the thrust of our ritual knives

In sacrifice we gave them freedom

Empowering them with Evil's mark

They'd reign as gods in Satan's Kingdom

While we earthly pilgrims stalk'd the dark
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