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Building a culture
World Assignment #4

I have chosen the Nephilium race. This is a race where I have used information research and combined my own ideas for my novel. This race will be the dominant race in the world I am creating.

These beings lived on earth and passed on to the spirit world. When their body was done in their physical life their spirit lived on and these spirits first went where the level of their soul dictated at the time of passing. As their time progressed in the spirit world so did their knowledge. This group of spirits believed their experiments would be better if they were able to use the physical realm to conduct these experiments. They believed they are Gods themselves because of the power they felt when their creations were successful. Some examples, they were able to create their own animals, tress, fruit, food, are just a few examples. They are also very knowledgeable in math, science, and the arts.

While in this spirit state the spirits communicated through their emotions and because of the state they were in they just knew what the others were thinking and feeling; there is a specific colour for each emotion which radiates around the spirit. There is no need to communicate to one another by talking. These beings love to sing and have beautiful lilting voices. As they grow in their progression, their singing voices become more beautiful. There are many celebrations which occur as gatherings daily. It is more of celebrating life and the love for others that attract these celebrations.

Their clothing is very simple and reflects the colour of their current emotions. For example, for someone who is feeling lots of love would be wearing a simple rose coloured tunic with a silver belt. There is no need to eat on a regular basis in the spirit state. There is the occasional eating of fruits and a liquid drink which is like flavoured water. These spirits bodies are very beautiful to look at. They are in the most perfected state with blue eyes and blond hair for the men and women have blue-green eyes with red hair.

There is no legal or illegal like we have. Since, the spirits feel they are in a state of love in the spirit world there is no need to have any physical laws. There are laws of the universe that need to be followed and these are dealt with in an emotional manner. For example, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Desire combined together can be very powerful. This is how it works. For example, let’s say you want to find your soul mate. First, the spirit would feel all the emotions tied to any relationship the spirit had in their whole life in the physical realm and the spiritual real. Once this is done the stat of the spirit is in a better condition to attract their soulmate to them. At this point also having the desire for their soulmate at the same time will increase the pull of their soulmate to them. This is just an example of a law.

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