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Creation of religion
Ethnicity Assignment #5

The Nephilium in the spirit world brought their world views of religion when they passed. At first there was no change in what they believed. After some time passed some of these spirits saw that the brighter spirits were happier. These spirits discovered the truth of the universe. There is a big white building called the Hall of Records which has the record of every spirit’s life and experiences. There is also information recorder there that other spirits have discovered and recorded as public record for everyone.

The spirits felt themselves to be God because they felt very powerful. It was at this point that their religion is born. There is no hierarchy or ranks. Everyone is free to learn at their own pace. The books in the Hall of Records are important for book study. There is importance in nature, such as the grass and the trees there is a strong belief to merge together to increase the level of power among each other.

This is pretty much the religion so far that I have created. It is very simple because the spirits are living in a simpler state.
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