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Character Challenge Gauntlet Day Ten
Onyx awoke to find Lao staring down at her. He lay beside her with his head propped on his arm. He smiled down at her, and stroked her cheek. He leaned down to her ear, and whispered a soft haiku.

“Onyx, this gem-black night. Downcast, I await your return
like the morning sun, unrivaled in splendor.”

“That is beautiful,” Onyx murmured. She yawned, and squirmed under his caress. “My father loved haiku.”

“Did he?” Lao circled her nipples to erect points with his thumbs.

“Mmm, Lao,” Onyx purred arching her back.

“Yes, my beloved?” He pressed his lips to her neck. As he sucked gently on her neck he positioned himself between her legs, and teased her with his morning stiffness. “I want you Onyx,” he breathed in her ear.

“Lao?” Onyx squirmed under him. “You have me.”

“I want you to be mine,” he breathed, “forever.”

“You want me to marry you,” Onyx clarified. Onyx attempted to stop him from proceeding to her breasts. He ignored her, and sucked greedily on her swollen points. “Lao, I do care for you, and I enjoy your company, but…”

“But what?” His face hardened. “Am I not good enough for you Lady Onyx?”

“No, that is not what I mean,” Onyx protested. His fingers dug into her sides. “Ouch, you are being too tough!”

“This is not rough,” his tone became low and dangerous. “I will show you rough!”

He pushed inside her roughly, and moved roughly disregarding her objections. Onyx squirmed to get away, but he laid his body over her to pin her to the bed. She scratched at him with her panther claws, and drew blood.

“Get off me!” Onyx choked. What is happening?

“Bitch!” Lao growled.

He shoved deep inside her, and wrapped his hands around her neck. Onyx thrashed under him. She clawed at his hands as they tightened around her throat. She could no longer breathe to speak. Her lungs burned with the desire for oxygen. Lao continued to thrust as he squeezed her throat. He thrust faster as her thrashing became weaker. He released as her body went still beneath him. He pressed his mouth to her lifeless lips, and slipped out of her.

“You should have said yes,” he scolded.

He dressed, and took a moment to arrange her so that she looked like she was still sleeping. After a final kiss he left her palace, and returned to his shop in the village. Ido was leaning against the counter when he entered.

“Is it done?” Ido asked.

“Yes,” Lao answered. “I believe that you owe me some gold?”

“I do owe you something,” Ido lunged forward, and sunk his fangs into Lao’s throat. He tore the jugular out, and Lao’s body fell to the floor. “Fool, did you really think you would not pay for killing my sister?”

Ido licked Lao’s blood from his mouth. After he was sure it was clean he left Ido’s shop locking the door behind him. He whistled a tune as he strolled down the street and out of the village.

Onyx, this gem-black night.
Downcast, I await your return
like the morning sun, unrivaled in splendor.
― Ō no Yasumaro (circa 711), loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Word Count: 541
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