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How would the X-Men treat him?

    "Another cop show? Really?
    Some Doctor Who wanna be coroner
    and he regenerates and he a has a nemisist,
    who's immortal too. Boring... same old junk."
    Bob clicks his remote and yawns.

    "The Fox News is blaming Obama for the Apocalypse.
    Silly rabbits.  War is enevitable.
    Honestly, can there be peace for more than 4 years?
    Nah. War is the only export the U.S.A. has any leverage in."
    Bob rubbed his wiskers.

    "I'll slip in Superman II. That's fun."
    Bob picked through his DVDs .... ..

    "Bob." a voice buzzed, like a hive.

    Bob spun around.
    The room was empty. He sighed,
    "I had too much Irish coffee."
    and returned to his search.
    He slipped the DVD in.

    A Jesus figure appeared on the teli screen.
    "Bob. You must pray before the final purification."
    The Jesus on the teli said.
    Bob rubbed his eyes... "Am I drunk?"
    "Yes." Jesus replied with a broad smile.

    "Okay. Um, Our Father on my teli
    please don't burn all the people of the world.
    We're really sorry about.. all the infidels and
    porn. Amen." Bob made the sign of the cross
    across his chest with a Cheeto.

    "Thank you. I will now return you to your movie."
    The Jesus image vanished.
    Clark Kent was getting his ass kicked by a rude truck driver
    in a diner.
    "Wow. He gave up his superpowers so he could get laid."
    Bob belched and passed out...

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