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Timeline of a kingdom
Timeline Assignment #5

The Beginning of the Nephilium

1000 The arrival of the Nephilium
The Nephilum start to build their own sanctum
The humans are happy the Nephilium are with them and have a celebration
to welcome ‘The Tall Ones’ as they have nicknamed them.
Lots of new knowledge is being introduced to the humans for the first time.

1001 The fall of the humans begins
The knowledge obtained by the Nephilium has caused new schools to be built

1002 The humans have pretty much caused their own fall which gets to a crescendo
point here. They do not realize at this point that the Nephilium used their
emotions against them. Many have perished.
Nephilium start construction on their city.
Male Nephilium start to take human women as partners.
Some female Nephilum take human men as partners.

1003 Annius has made a huge breakthrough with his experiments, there is the
discovery of growing food without having to work like humans have been.

1004 Discovery of a new species as a result of one Nephilium and one human creating
A child.

1005 An extreme earthquake shakes the earth destroying majority of the human race of
those who are still on Epic.
The earthquake started a domino effect across Epic with volcanos going off,
tsunamis, and earthquakes taking out villages and cities.
The Nephilium saw this as a cleansing of Epic for them so the whole world is now
Their playground. All of the Nephilium survived these natural disasters.
The area where the Nephilium settled in was not touched and was protected like a
safe haven.

1006 This is when all five sub-species are born through the results of experimentation

1007 There are small pockets of human survivors. Nephilium discovered one group then
Decided to start the human raids.
Homes are rebuilt in better construction than before.
The organization of a town is done with the laws of nature and the universe

1008 Epic has been organized in such a way that each sub species has their own area to
live. The experiments on these species do continue.

1009 There a disagreement among the Nephilium and Soukee. She decides to separate
on her own.

1010 The perfection of the Nephilium physical body is starting to age and break down.
Intense experimentation is done to find why and how things can be reversed.

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