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Laws and rules of Nephilium

Ethnicity #8

The Law of Desire: A desire is the true feeling in your soul which what you truly want. When you follow this desire you will find your life going in a direction which more loving and happy.

The Law of Attraction: All events in your life you bring to you. You do not make things happen. Decide what you want, take the proper steps to get it and as long as your desire is pure than things will fall into place.

The Law of Loving Self: You cannot truly love others until you love yourself first. Part of this taking care of yourself and not expecting others to do things for you that you can do yourself.

The Law of Loving Others: Each being is a gift and should be treated like one.

The Law of Abundance: There is no limit to what you can have.

The Law of Rapport and Spirit Communication: A spirit can communicate with a physical being as long as that physical being is at the same soul level as the spirit. A physical being can communicate with a spiritual being that is at the same soul level as the physical being. Both physical beings and spiritual beings can communicate with each other at the same level or at any lower level; they cannot communicate with any being at a higher soul level.

The Law of Cause and Effect: An example is when you get a cold taking some medicine for the symptoms is only taking care of the effect, taking care of the cause of the cold will heal it faster.

The Law of Compensation (repentance): There is a process to go through when you do something against another or yourself to reach the point of forgiveness.

The Law of Balance: When looking at a secluded piece of forest, there is a bountiful of food being produced and lots of life flourishing in this environment. There is also beauty in this space. When things are left to be how they were created to be then everything flows well if something interferes with this then things can get destroyed and look ugly.

The Law of Responsibility: Taking personal responsibility of one's life in all aspects will bring about more peace than having others do everything for you.

When the Nephilium are physical beings again the one who discovered the creation takes a leadership role in how they say and do things. The others have just accepted that he knows more than everyone else at this point.

Rules for when they are engaging the humans

  1. They will be living among the Humans, the Nephilium are not to become a Human.

  2. There is no taking a male/female Humans in relationships until the experiments are complete. If you want to volunteer for the experiment talk with Annius.

  3. Show the Humans how they can do things better do not do everything for them.

  4. The Humans will not understand our experiments so no discussing our work with them.

  5. The most important show the Humans the true meaning of the word Love.

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