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My world's version of what we would call heaven or the after life

World Assignment #7

It is so true that most stories have some sort of belief in some sort of heaven or after life. In my world before the Nephilium go to Epic they have sent some time in the spirit world. The have all live before as a human. After their time was over in the physical form their spirit left and now resides in the spirit world.

When the spirit arrives in the spirit world they are welcomed by someone who can help with the transition from the physical realm to the spiritual realm. This spirit is called a Greeter. The Greeter will answer all questions by the new spirit and also take them to their place that is waiting for them. This spirit realm is not anything close to what most of the physical world believes the spirit world to be so it is a shock most of the time when the transition occurs.

As the spirit gets comfortable in the new surroundings there are things like lots of learning that will begin. The spirit notices that there is an increase in feeling emotions and they notice colours around other spirits. The first place that these spirits arrive is a place called Summerland. Summerland is a place with beautiful grass, trees, and a number of different paths.

These paths lead to different levels of spirituality based on the condition of the soul. There is a process of learning lessons to increase the level of the soul and this would also change the place where the spirit lives. The higher the level of the soul, the more beautiful the living space will be.

The situation with the Nephilium is a group of these spirits believe they have reached a cap of some sort in their progress until someone discovered that it is possible for them to create physical bodies. They believed that this is the way to reincarnate back into the physical form.

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