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by fyn
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for Ren's prompt -9.26
Subject or Theme: Write about something you find interesting. Use whatever it is in the title. Tell in detail why you find it interesting so the reader finds it interesting, too.
Word(s) to Include: ancient, marionette (or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): (none) (or any derivatives of these words)
Additional Parameters: Minimum 16 lines. Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description.

Watching Creative Minds

Writing her thesis for her senior art project--
Organizational Chaos,
she plays not with sticks of charcoal
but with words. Eyes light
as she flings phrases instead of color.
Master puppeteer playing
with marionette paragraphs that entice,
dance, invite others into her vision.

He examines ancient tree rings
in planks hewn from hundred year old black walnut,
twice that willow; his mind's eye seeing finely polished
end product from chunks of wood
scattered on his workbench
looking now like naught
but firewood. Eyes gleam
as ring meets ring in symmetric symbiosis.

Four year old fingers puzzle leftover concrete
shapes, fit them together in patterns
only to reorganize, twist, turn--
He is sidetracked by visiting and curious cat.
Design deserted, he lies in the dirt
eyes dancing, making a new friend.
Kitty footprints
preserved in once pristine cement.

Four months ago, she fingered
dozens of seed packets:
floral rainbows needing only
water and sun. Eyes pensive,
she engages in haphazard scattering.
Exchanging precise patterns for
color riot; yet there is
perceived order in her chaos.

My eyes are dazzled,
on the sidelines, seeing
emotions flash, watching
inspiration simmer, catching
the moment when that creative spark
ignites, bursts into flames
which explode yet do not consume,
but instead, give birth.

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