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I can laugh now, but at the time ....
When you undergo radioiodine 123, you get to be radioactive for 3 days to the point where you cannot touch anything.  I was in a hospital room where everything was covered, and all the workers had to come in with those special hazmat suits.  They only released me when my rad level was 7 or below.  Even then I could not travel without setting off alarms.  That was fun.

They gave me a list of instructions of what to do at home.  I said “this shall not be”.  I made my kids go shopping for me, got a bunch of disposable clothing, and rented a hotel room at the AmericInn thinking that a whirlpool would make the stay away from home bearable.  WRONG.  I have never had a good experience at AmericInn, and this was no different.  Let me tell you the tale of the Hillbilly Heaven a/k/a AmericInn Brooklyn Center.  I can laugh about it now, but in the middle of it I was not a happy camper.

First, I have to shower every two hours so that the radiation that is seeping out of every pore and orifice is not lingering can be washed down the drain.  And getting enough towels from those yahoos was an effort in futility.  Kids had to bring disposable towels when they brought supper.

So when I finally got calmed down enough to sleep, the whirlpool in the floor above goes on and leaks with a steady THUD, THUD, THUD into the whirlpool in the room we had.  Ever try to sleep when it’s raining in your tent?  Worse than Chinese water torture.  I hate this hotel.

When I called to complain, the charming hostess said:  "Tee hee, oh, my God, you are kidding."  No, ma’am I am not kidding.  So at 1:30 in the morning, I am demanding a porter bring a trolley and help us move to a different room. That middle of the night teepee creeping was maddening.

The room was nicer, but one of the lamps had a light bulb burned out.  Do you think that wench would give me a light bulb?  Hell, no.  Had to wait for morning for the maintenance man to do it for me, after all I am too incompetent to change a light bulb.  I text my sister and she texts back:  It’s raining….it’s pouring….our Cher bear isn’t snoring.    At least I get to laugh despite my irritation.

At least they gave us breakfast in the morning, right?  NOT.  My husband is in a wheelchair and not one person would move their butt to let a wheelchair through and the staff saw him coming and just had to be in the back room.  Ergo, Kids got to bring us breakfast and more disposable towels.

You get the picture? The new room was very much better than the sieve, but the staff was incompetent.  And it was not worth the price charged.  As soon as I could no longer smell the radiation, we hightailed it out of there.

Let’s just say I will never patronize another AMERICINN EVER.  Let’s just say ...
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