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A blind old man sat on the stoop of an inner-city stair,
He proudly sang out loud for all, without a single care,
"For a coin to help buy supper I'll sing honest and true,
A song about the fragile soul I see living inside of you."

Came a slick shaven younger man dressed in clothing fine,
Tossing coins, he said, "Old man, let's hear what you divine."
The blind old man tilts back his head, wailing out a soulful cry,
"Reward is your first love, in excess and comfort, you'll die.
Your heaven on earth is luxury, fine wine, and exotic song,
Enjoy them while you can my friend, life is not that long."

The man stood in shock while a woman came passing by,
She lay down her hard-earned coins then cast a watchful eye,
The blind old man cocked his head, raised his scratchy voice,
"Details are your first love, to serve others you've no choice,
Your heaven on earth is thrift, organization is well understood,
You're very attentive to duty and you live for the greater good."

She nodded her head and smiled, "The old man is exactly right."
A boy ran up with a penny and bid, "My future, oh please, recite."
The blind old man sat upright and crooned like an iconic star,
"The spirit is your first love, with empathy you'll go far,
Your heaven on earth is friendship, it's also your downfall,
As your character will allow, into your psyche you'll withdraw."

The boy was puzzled, blinded by youth, and lead away by hand,
A college girl said, "I'll give this a whirl, my coin's worth I demand"
The blind old man rose to his knees, joined hands as if to pray,
"Creativity is your first love, your search for truth will save the day,
Your heaven on earth is passion, your personality shall burn,
Quick to anger, tempered by humor, the respect of all you'll earn.

"Oh my!" she cried, "For a hundred bills tell the secret of all you write,"
The old but not so blind man stood tall in the bright sunlight,
"Being vague is my first love, same as old P. T. Barnum knew,
My heaven on earth is generality, people take faint words as true,
Because everyone needs to believe, this technique seems quite real,
It's a handy tool to use against the fools whose money I steal."

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