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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Entertainment · #2011742
What I know is Pringles..

  Rusty looked at the stack of scripts around his office.
  His e-mail was full of wanna be film makers.
  He scratched his chin, "Nikki!" 
  Nikki walked in with her skin tight blue chino and
  a yellow McDonald's "Happy T-shirt."

  "Jeeze. Your a walking advertisement.
  I wanna make a movie. Just for shits and giggles.
  You got anything?" Rusty kissed Nikki as she sat on his lap.
  Nikki wiggled her butt....

        "Make something controversial , but not R rated.
          Yah-gotta hit the family market or your screwed."
          Nikki remarked in a Medford accent.

  "Hmm. I like that.
  We could do a camp film with teenagers
  and a ... treasure hunt.. Nah. Goonies.
  Crazy neighbors .. been done.  Tough guy movies.
  Done to death.. Is Bruce Willis 65?" Rusty took a sip of Nikki's
  small coffee...

          "How a-bout something romantic?"
          Nikki rubbed Rusty's chest.

  "They don't make money." Rusty searched his e-mail.
  He spotted a pitch about a Manchurian Candidate remake.
  "That was a good movie." Rusty muttered as Nikki unzipped
  his pants... "Maybe Bruce Willis is available?"
  Nikki shrugged, "Sounds like another tough guy movie."
  She was topless.

  Rusty shook his head, "Yeah, too brainy."
  Nikki knew how to derail Rusty.
  She had met Rusty at a McDonalds
  through an escort service. ..
  Her name was Happy Meal.

  ^ ^
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