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One of the Main Characters


Name: Alek
Character's Full Name: Aleksander Zachary
Reason or meaning of name: "One who defends"
Nickname: Barbarosa the Judicator
Reason for nickname: Barbarosa means Red Beard, and Judicator is an alternate term for judge.
Birth date: (Timeline still in the works)

Gender: Male
Age: 8-16 (in Repeating History)
Eye color: Green
Hair color/style/type: Red, straight and neat down to his shoulders, with a thin layered beard and mustache growing in.
Height: 5'7”
Weight: 183 lbs
Build: Not a body builder, but toned muscles have been developed, with the figure of a broad shouldered visage coming into place. As he grows older, he might show a daunting figure, but it is also possible that he could stress more on agility than strength.
Nationality: Half-Human / Half-Fae
Skin tone: Tanned, akin to that of a farmer's skin tone.
Skin type: Still somewhat smooth and soft, since he is young and has only worked around a farm for a brief time.
Face shape: Rounded curves, with gentle looking structure.
Distinguishing marks: No blemishes or marks upon his body.
Most predominant feature: The red beard he has grown is coming in quite full, considering his age, and is the reason behind his nickname.
Preferred clothing or accessories: Hardened leather, with some chain links in certain places, all of a color meant to help blend into a forested region (greens, browns, grays, i.e. camouflage)

Jewelry or accessories that are special or meaningful: None
Where does character live: In the story, he moves around a bit for the purposes of his efforts, but his home is a farming cottage in the village of Oakridge, in the south of the Kingdom of Haven.
What does s/he do too much of: Naivety is his biggest flaw, and he dreams and imagines how things will be in the end. He views his efforts, in the beginning, as nothing more than a chance to inject his name into the glory of history.
What does s/he do too little of: While he has a good many friends around to help him through his endeavors, he does not, as much as he should, ask for their input in what is going on and how to handle it.
Most prized possession: None
Why: N/A
Talented in/with: Farming, Tending horses
Any pets: Not really a pet, but a brown colored mare named Chestnut has been with his family for as long as he can remember.


From: Oakridge, Haven, Verdania
Type of childhood: In some way, sheltered. He grew up on the farm helping his mother and father, associating with other farmers in the village, and listening to the stories of old. In his lifetime, there was no war to know of, only the wars of the past. Until he was 8 years old he knew nothing of war. Even then, when war arose, and Haven became subjugated, he viewed it like the tales, destined to come out to a happy ending, and that he would have the chance to play a part in it.
Education: His parents taught him how to read and write, and told him much of the history of Haven, but that was not all. The village they lived in was a tight-knit community, and he learned farming, math, and many other things from those in his village. Then, he ventured away, to the Elven lands, and from the Elves, learned of magic and physical combat.
Religion/Beliefs: Religion was always expressed in subtext behind the tales he heard from his parents, and the knowledge of the Fae was presented to him amidst all the stories of Haven's labored past.
Relevant first experiences (if any): His father's death presents him with the opportunity to take his place in the histories. While he feels sadness for his father's passing, it is not until he is 16 that it really hits him and he realizes how foolish he had been in the past eight years. His first time using his Fae-born ability plays a part in this as well.
Did they learn the things they know from a tutor or from experience: There are no physical schools in this world, and so everything is learned from a "tutor" as the only people that can teach are those that do the work themselves. He learned farming from farmers, animal-tending from herdsmen, swordsmanship from Elven swordsmen, magic from an Elven Wizard, etc.
Where these life lessons hard learned? How/Why?: Alek's view of reality is very skewed, and while it is a hard lesson, the severity of this lesson does take a while to settle in, and unfortunately, it takes a rough scene to get the message across.
Is there a childhood memory that lingers with him/her or has affected him/her: His father's lifeless body falling to the ramparts of Havenshire beneath his field of vision.


Mother's name: Myst
Relationship with her: Very close, Myst is all the family that Alek has left, and so he does whatever he can to protect her.
Father's name: Mikael Zachary
Relationship with him: While the chance is there, Alek's relationship with his father is close. Alek idolizes his father and dreams of one day being within the tales of Haven like his father and many of his ancestors were.
Siblings: Marcus Zachary - adopted brother.
Birth order: Alek is only one year older than Marcus.
Relationship with each: Marcus idolizes Alek, and puts forth every effort to repay the debt he owes Alek.
Children of Siblings: None
Extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.): Never known on a personal level, Alek is however aware that Mikael had siblings, and that they live somewhere amidst the many villages of Haven.
Close to family?: He has no memory of any meetings with them, because of the distance between their homes. They do, as common among family, remember him when he was just a baby.
Spouses or partners?: Unmarried, he is however at times mingled in a close relationship with Alastriel Silverleaf.
Does character have child(ren): No
How many:
Are all children with the same partner:
How does character relate to his/her child(ren):
Which child is the character's favorite:
Is relationship with the children good:
Is relationship with children important to character:

Is character divorced: No
How many times:
Has character ever been unfaithful to spouse:
How does character relate to others: Alek is liked by many, mostly for his being Mikael's son and a child of the Zachary family.
How is s/he perceived by others: He is seen as a devoted, honorable, and good person, destined for great things.
Strangers? Friends?: There is some doubt at first, because of his age, but learning who he is tends to change that. Friends and Strangers who learn who he is tend to put a lot of faith in him and his efforts, giving their support in his efforts to help them.
Wife/Husband/Lover?: Alastriel is enamored with Aleksander. She has a lot of faith in him, and while some Elves doubt the abilities of a human child, Alastriel has the belief that he will do great things and wants to help him. For all his lack of knowledge and naivety, she can't help but want to help him and protect him.
Children?: None
Protagonist?: Dorian looks upon Alek with skepticism. He feels Alek is a foolish child at times, and is often at odds with Alek. However, they are also on the same side because of common enemies. In other situations the two would probably stay as far away from each other as possible. As for other protagonists, Alek has many friends among the Elves, Humans, and Dwarves, and his association with them stems from an earned respect. For all his naivety, he is very centered in honorable, respectful beliefs that he seems unable to be shaken from.
Antagonist?: Aleksander is looked upon with fear by the many men of the Onyx Guard. He has walked into many a town held by the Guard, and driven them out. His point of view has always been very judgmental towards them, since he sees them as traitors at first. The name Barbarosa the Judicator was applied due to his budding red beard and his judgemental attitude. Yami, however, looks upon him with a lack of care, seeing him as nothing more than a child and a minor inconvenience that will ultimately be stomped under his boot.
First impression the character makes: Foolish, headstrong child.
What happens to change this perception: He talks, and shows how centered he is in respecting and honoring not only his elders but the designs of a civilization founded on common decency.
What do family/friends like most about character: His respectful attitude.
What do family/friends like least about character: His naivety around glorious combat and epic story.


Job: Farmhand, Leader of the Guardians of the Oaken Crest
Number of years: 8 years
Relationship with co-workers: His co-workers are treated more like family than co-workers.
Does he/she like their job: Yes
Why or why not: He cherishes the chance to do something for his nation and help protect it. Though he does look forward to not having to do it anymore.


Greatest fear: Failing to protect his home.
Worst thing that could happen to him/her: His mother being killed.
What would make them cry (if at all): Any number of fearful things. He is still young at heart and in body.
Character is most at ease when: Wandering the roads of Oakridge.
Character is most uncomfortable when: When he is in a political environment.
Priorities in life: Family & Friends, Haven, The well-being of others, Himself
Philosophy: Show honor and respect, and the benefits of life will be aplenty.
How she/he feels about self: At first, he believed in himself beyond measure, now he has his doubts, but he will still give his utmost.
How does she/he feel about failure?: Failure is devastation. He can't let himself fail.
Biggest regret?: Not adhering to the warnings given to him by his "Uncle" Terry.
Biggest accomplishment: He feels he has not accomplished anything yet, not till he can free his people of their plight.
Does anyone else know: He does his best to remain secretive in this regard, but Tavarlith and Alastriel know him well, and see this to be true.
How did that person find out: Elves are very perceptive. Especially Elves that are as close to Alek as Tavarlith and Alastriel.


Optimist or pessimist: Optimist
Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert
Drives and motivations: Glory, Honor, & Respect
Talents (hidden or not): His Fae ability to venture through the mists of Time.
Extremely skilled at: Despite all his magical and combative training, his primary skill remains with his skill in tending to animals.
Extremely unskilled at: Leadership
Good characteristics: Care, compassion, respectfulness, etc.
Character flaws: Naivety in the realms of war and the realities of life, his lack of skills in leading despite having a number of people looking to him for it, and a stubbornness about listening to others who might be able to help him where he is lacking in skill.
Mannerisms: He stands tall, even though he is short, and presents himself with a sense of bravado to help people believe in him even though he is often fearful of the coming trials.


How would the character describe themselves: The small package big things come in. (not out of vanity, but to conceal his fear)
Are they proud or embarrassed by any physical traits or personal qualities: Wishes he was as tall as his father was.
Are these realistic assessments: He is indeed shorter than his father was, but he does not need to think he is any weaker for it.


Immediate goal(s): Protecting his home.
Long range goal(s): Slaying Yami and driving the force of evil out of Demeteria entirely.
How does character plan to accomplish goal(s): He has no idea, but he plans to fight every moment he has to in order to do so.
How will other people around the character be affected: They will support him, because they love him, but some will continue to deem him young, naive, and foolish.


How this character reacts in a crisis: Alek's first reaction is to embrace the opportunity to prove himself. He may react to quickly, too rashly, but he will forever keep to his beliefs and focuses.
How does this character face problems: He is not foreign to lamenting a bad decision, but he does not shut down and shy away from a problem forever.
What kinds of problems character usually run into: Despite his training with Tavarlith in how to use a sword, he has never experienced true combat and war before, and due to such, he hesitated when the opportunity presented itself to strike a final blow to his foe. Dealing with his fears are his usual concerns, and he tries to hide this as he tries to cope with it alone.
What is the character's one major flaw: He believes he is the one that is supposed to handle everything, and though he has asked for advice at times, he still attempts to do things on his own for the most part, taking too much responsibility upon himself.
What are his/her minor flaws: Despite all his education from family and friends in Oakridge, he is still fairly unintelligent in more serious matters such as war, leadership, and planning.
Is he/she ashamed of them: He doesn’t let it be seen, but yes, he constantly chastises himself.
How do people react to these shortcomings: Constantly, especially Tavarlith, Alastriel, and Dalin, they try to get him to open up more and accept their help.
Does he/she apologize after losing their temper: Alek is not prone to losing his temper, so in the rare case that he would, he would definitely apologize his to his friends.
What flaw would most likely drive a love interest or a friend away: Alastriel is so unconditionally in love with Aleksander that short of a direct and pointed insult to her, she would never be driven away from him. Even as he keeps her beyond arm's reach since he believes he does not have the freedom to pursue personal enjoyment during the current situation.
How does she/he positively react to change?: Though unintelligent concerning serious matters, change being one of them, he would welcome the change of the kingdom in its freedom with open arms. The day he is no longer needed to bear arms is no great loss to him. He understands that with all he does, change is destined to come, for good or for ill. He can mourn, but it won't amend those changes.
How does she/he negatively react to change?: Unintelligent concerning serious matters, the specific types of change are greeted in different ways. In Pinebrook he captured a city without any need for politics or violence, and in Riverside, he gained support simply by presenting his intentions. However, beyond this point, things are different. This change confuses him, as he cannot grasp how someone could be content to just lay in enslavement and forced servitude.
What is their breaking point?: Truths. He grew up being told stories of glory and adventure, and he found it fun, but not having lived through those dilemmas it is hard for him to truly get an understanding for those situations. The many truths he is presented with gradually chip away at his views of the stories he was told.
What sort of encouragement would most motivate them to do better?: Respecting and honoring his father and family.
Does she/he have any bad habits? Can be included with flaws.: He has no vices or bad habits beyond his flaws.
How will your character grow throughout the story?: Tavarlith and Alastriel are two of the biggest influences on his life. They help him cope with the differences between how he viewed the stories and life, and the truth behind it all when he has to live through it himself. Dalin helps in turn, but since Tavarlith and Alastriel have been a part of his life for a longer amount of time, their impact is larger. Dorian too has his own impact, in time, even though the relationship with him is vastly different than his other relations.
Who will give them challenges to grow: Alastriel and Myst
Will he/she make any wrong choices during their journey: Plenty.

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