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Story written for world geography.
Dear Mia,

If you’re reading this, I won’t be coming home. Please tell the kids I love them, and-

Wait. Let me back up for a second.

My name is Miles Kassius. I live with my beautiful wife, Mia, and my two amazing kids, Mira and Nathan. I was born and raised in Troy, and I’m proud to call it my home. A few weeks ago, I learned of the beginnings of a terrible war. When Mia heard, she wanted to flee. I knew I had to stay and fight.

“This war is going to be a tough one. We’ll need all the men we can get,” I explained.

“There are thousands of men in Troy. Surely you won’t be missed?” She had a point, but I held my ground.

“Mia, do you still believe that I’m the greatest warrior in all the land? Like you told me on our wedding day?”

“Of course. I meant every word I said. Why do you ask?”

“If I am such a fierce warrior, is it not my duty, then, to protect my home?

She stared at me for a long while, then whispered, “I wish you wouldn’t go.”

“I know,” I whispered back. “But have faith in an old man! If I’m as great as you say, I’ll be home by the week’s end!"

That was three weeks ao

The day following our conversation, I said farewell to Mia, Mira, and Nathan, and set out to prepare for battle. I found my suit of armor and my favorite sword, and started on my journey to Athens. I arrived in a few days' time, and started fighting almost immediately.

Battle after horrifying battle was fought, many men were lost, and I struggled to keep my spirits high. After a particularly nasty fight, one in which nearly a quarter of our men were killed, our unit was shocked by the command of our captain: go home.

"Get out of here! Open your eyes! Can't you see we're all going to die? This isn't war; this is a suicide mission! Go home! Save yourselves!" The men dispersed, leaving me standing in the dust, completely bewildered. The captain yelled, "What are you doing? Go home! Keep your family safe!"

He doesn't understand. When we're at war, nobody is safe. "I'm staying." And with that, I ran off towards the next wave of soldiers, sword held high.

Coming back to the present, and we're down to a handful of weary and discouraged men. The attackers have not yet slowed. Most of the men just want to quit fighting. Just want to be done. I'm not ready to give up. Not yet. Not when I have so much worth fighting for.

I don't plan on making it out alive. I know I'm going to die tonight. But I don't care. I have to fight. For my parents. For my home in Troy. For my wife and my children who love more than words can express. I love them, too. That's why I have to keep going.

I hear them coming now. I hear footsteps in the distance. It's time to prepare for one final battle. One that I'm facing alone.

Dear Mia,

If you're reading this, I won't be coming home. Please tell the kids I love them, and that I miss them so much. Say hi to the town for me. To my friends. To the rest of the family. To everyone who was with me until the bitter end. I love you. I'll see you on the other side.

All my love,

Dear Diary,

I haven't heard from Miles in over a month. I'm sick with worry, and the kids realize something is wrong. The war is over. Why isn't Miles home yet? .............There's someone at the door. Could that be him? I'll go check. Goodbye for now.

-Mia Kassius

I was looking through my diary and found that entry from a couple of years ago. It turns out that the person at the door was a man named James Princeton. He looked sad when he silently handed me a folded up letter, before he turned around and left. My heart nearly stopped when I saw the familiar messy scrawl. Dear Mia, it started. I cried for what seemed like forever, and only stopped when I saw a second note folded into the first. It read:

Dear Mrs. Kassius,

It is with much regret that I inform you that your husband, Miles Kassius, was killed during the final battle of the war. But fear not, for he died the death of a warrior. He charged headfirst into a wave of oncoming soldiers, something not another soul had the courage to do. He managed to single-handedly take down half of the Greek army before being struck down with a sword. I wish to offer my condolences, as well as deliver a message. Miles told me that you and your children are his "something worth fighting for." He is a hero and a legend, and he will be remembered forever.

James Princeton

I couldn't help but to smile, just a little bit, because Miles Kassius truly is the greatest warrior in all the land. And he just proved it.

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