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Excerpt from my anthology of flash, non-fiction essays titled "Sovereignty Over Self"
Attitude and Indestructible Happiness

We live in an age where obvious opportunities for profound life-to-life inspiration appear to be rare given the condition of society. Idle amusements bring only fleeting pleasures and produce neither profound inspiration nor meaningful substance for ones life. By contrast the often-ignored reality of life is we each exist to enable others to realize personal growth and improve their lives. Wisdom is always rooted in the reality of life. Wisdom is the wellspring of behaviors bringing harmony and happiness to ourselves, our families, local communities and society at large.

One needs to pay close attention to conditions overshadowing the world we live in today.  Do you think winning in life by integrating common sense and compassionate behavior is impossible? Do you ever think this way? Perhaps you are forgetting we are "Mystic Entities" and we each possess the power to transform what appears to be impossible into something very possible. Those who give up before they try thinking overcoming every obstacle is impossible, are unaware of the power of ‘awakened’ positive-thinking, sentient human beings.  Such persons are able to bring forth inner Wisdom and have the courage to unshackle the awesome Power of Common Sense from within.  They can and will succeed at anything they try. Common Sense is the glue making all things possible. If what confronts you in life does not make sense, to allow such a thing to become a part of your reality is "senseless".

Adopting attitudes permitting us to view our lives and all situations in a positive light is important in order to be happy. The strength, wisdom and cheerfulness accompanying such attitudes lead to individual happiness. To regard everything in a positive light or with a spirit of goodwill is no simple task. It does not mean being foolishly gullible and allowing people to take advantage of ones good nature. It means having the wisdom generated by common sense to actually move things in a positive direction by seeing things in their best light, while keeping your eyes firmly focused on reality. BELIEFS are like the body. BEHAVIOR is the body’s SHADOW. As the body bends so does the shadow.

Any person capable of following the precepts of Common Sense will flow into

The ocean of Comprehensive Wisdom and surf the sea of Humanistic Enlightenment.

Look around and you will find almost every religion and every government, every law, every school, college, and university is based upon man-made dualistic intelligence. Duality, dualistic thinking, is based upon the 'law of opposites', such as good and evil, black or white, up or down. For example, a coin has three sides. A coin is not just a head and a tail as many are conditioned to believe. Every coin has an edge, or thickness, separating the head and the tail. The human mind is TRAPPED between the physical and mental levels of cognizance, which is DUALISTIC by nature. Apply the coin analogy to yourself with your head being the head of a coin and your buttocks, the tail.  Any decision arrived at and premised on a 'heads or tails' toss, deny the consideration of common sense or true wisdom. The most powerful aspect of a human being, the spirit, is closed out of the decision-making process. The decision made relied upon the relationship of right or wrong, black or white, to make its choice. Consequently, the same mistakes are made over and over because of ones inability to escape from the quagmire of Dualistic Thinking.

“Why am I so unhappy?” A partial response this question often asked by many is the mind of every living being must use its unlimited potential to the fullest to see through the insidious intentions of man-made doctrines. In terms of 'the spiritual' component of SELF, the person is ill at ease or diseased. Experience proves such doctrines are driven by greed, anger and stupidity. The REAL TRUTH of our existence will never be conveyed through today's commonly printed/used words. Real Truth must be realized from within, like music and art, in order to be accepted, understood and appreciated. Real Truth should be easy to understand, make (COMMON) sense and touch those HEARTS, and lives, struggling and seeking understanding to raise ones level of awareness; to overpower and defeat ignorance and become INDESTRUCTIBLY HAPPY, no matter what.

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