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One of the Main Antagonists


Name: Yami
Character's Full Name: Asakura Tetsuya
Reason or meaning of name:
Nickname: Yami, Aoguro, The Shadow Lord
Reason for nickname: "Darkness", "Black", the demon possessing him is a Shadow Demon.
Birth date: 1254 (Born on Earth)

Gender: Male
Age: 700+ (in Repeating History)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color/style/type: Black, straight, short, and neat with no facial hair.
Height: 5'4”
Weight: 158 lbs
Build: Thin and lithe, his build looks non-too intimidating at all, but there is definitely more than meets the eye with him.
Nationality: Demonically-infused Human
Skin tone: Typical yellow-brown skin tone of someone of Asian descent.
Skin type: Smooth and unblemished, excepting the darker tone of skin around his eyes.
Face shape: Rounded curves, smooth looking structure, slanted eyes.
Distinguishing marks: None
Most predominant feature: The color of his eyes is not the typical brown color, but rather, brighter, as if a light shines through them.
Preferred clothing or accessories: His typical layered garb from back in Japan in all black tones. [ Kimono (dual-layered shirt) and Hakama (pleated pants) worn with long Haori (robe/cloak) over it, sash-like belt, tabi (split-toe socks) and zori (sandals), and a masked hood to cover his face. ]

Jewelry or accessories that are special or meaningful: A pendant with a plain Onyx setting.
Where does character live: Various locations- Havenshire Castle (in Repeating History), The Darkened Isles (in Face of Evil)
What does s/he do too much of: Seek to place someone else in a position above him.
What does s/he do too little of: Take things into his own hands.
Most prized possession: None
Why: Material possessions mean nothing to him.
Talented in/with: Close-combat with Katana, Wakizashi, & Kodachi, Infusion of demonic energies into and from objects.
Any pets: None, though he regards those he commands as nothing more than pets.


From: Echizen, Japan
Type of childhood: His childhood was lived among clan, prepared to be a Samurai serving the Shogun in later life.
Education: All he learned was taught to him by family, and those within the Asakura clan.
Religion/Beliefs: Bhuddist beliefs.
Relevant first experiences (if any): His first fights, and the first invasion of the Mongols into Japan.
Did they learn the things they know from a tutor or from experience: All was learned from his family.
Were these life lessons hard learned? How/Why?: After the failed invasions of the Mongols, and the efforts to topple the Hojo control of the Shogunate, Tetsuya went off on his own, to meditate and ponder these events within the forests, and through the urgings of a demon, gave in to the allure of power so that he might finally topple the Hojo.
Is there a childhood memory that lingers with him/her or has affected him/her: None. He barely remembers his life before being taken by the demon.


Mother's name: He does not remember.
Relationship with her: He does not remember. Though, she was responsible for teaching him math, history, reading, and writing.
Father's name: He does not remember.
Relationship with him: He does not remember. Though, he was responsible for teaching him how to use a sword, and how to fight in close quarters.
Siblings: None
Birth order: N/A
Relationship with each: N/A
Children of Siblings: N/A
Extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.): He does not remember.
Close to family?: N/A
Spouses or partners?: None
Does character have child(ren): No
How many:
Are all children with the same partner:
How does character relate to his/her child(ren):
Which child is the character's favorite:
Is relationship with the children good:
Is relationship with children important to character:

Is character divorced: No
How many times:
Has character ever been unfaithful to spouse: N/A
How does character relate to others: He has clear ideas of where certain people fit in his life. Either they serve him, and through him, the demons, or they are unimportant enough for anything other than death.
How is s/he perceived by others: He does not interact with people that do not serve him, and his hostile demeanor merely cements that he is the enemy.
Strangers? Friends?: He has no friends.
Wife/Husband/Lover?: He has no lover.
Children?: He has no children.
Protagonist?: He is a clear enemy.
Antagonist?: Kyo is the only other antagonist he has any previous interaction with prior to Repeating History and Kyo has been a rival in many points of their previous lives. They hate each other, for many reasons, yet at the same time, somewhat admire each other, even though that may be more so the case from Kyo's point of view. They work together out of neccessity, at first.
First impression the character makes: Evil, demented, sick.
What happens to change this perception: Nothing.
What do family/friends like most about character: N/A
What do family/friends like least about character: N/A


Job: Demon Lord
Number of years: 700+
Relationship with co-workers: Whatever befits the situation.
Does he/she like their job: Yes.
Why or why not: He loves having control over someone else's life.


Greatest fear: Losing the power he has gained.
Worst thing that could happen to him/her: The demon within him decides to abandon him and go into a different body.
What would make them cry (if at all): Nothing.
Character is most at ease when: When in a fight.
Character is most uncomfortable when: When not in a fight.
Priorities in life: Chaos, Destruction, Violence
Philosophy: Make all those who are beneath him to bend knee.
How she/he feels about self: He does not believe he is yet powerful enough.
How does she/he feel about failure?: It is inexcusable.
Biggest regret?: Giving in so easily to commands.
Biggest accomplishment: Betraying the Asakura clan to Nobunaga during the Sengoku Era.
Does anyone else know: Kyo
How did that person find out: He was there.


Optimist or pessimist: In the middle
Introvert or extrovert: Not really either.
Drives and motivations: Power, Chaos, and Destruction
Talents (hidden or not): His demonic magics, His use of various Japanese sword styles
Extremely skilled at: Infusing objects with demonic power to usurp another's will.
Extremely unskilled at: Staying idle.
Good characteristics: None.
Character flaws: Practically everything about him.


How would the character describe themselves: Darkness Incarnate
Are they proud or embarrassed by any physical traits or personal qualities: He does not care about physical appearance.
Are these realistic assessments: Yes


Immediate goal(s): Sowing Chaos on Demeteria
Long range goal(s): Sowing Chaos on all worlds in the cosmos.
How does character plan to accomplish goal(s): Turning the peoples of these worlds against each other.
How will other people around the character be affected:


How this character reacts in a crisis: Crisis is Chaos, so he reacts happily.
How does this character face problems: With anger and nearly ritualistic displays of his skill.
What kinds of problems character usually run into: Those he commands not doing/failing at what they were supposed to do.
What is the character's one major flaw: Having lived as a servant, he knows nothing about leading, and his singular personal goal meets little success as he knows nothing of organizing a whole army. And he makes no effort to amend this.
What are his/her minor flaws:
Is he/she ashamed of them: No
How do people react to these shortcomings:
Does he/she apologize after losing their temper: Never, his temper is warranted in his view.
What flaw would most likely drive a love interest or a friend away: He has no interests in love.
How does she/he positively react to change?: Depends on the change.
How does she/he negatively react to change?: Depends on the change.
What is their breaking point?:
What sort of encouragement would most motivate them to do better?: There is no one around that would do such.
Does she/he have any bad habits? Can be included with flaws.: Everything about him.
How will your character grow throughout the story?: Some conflict will urge him towards abandoning a more serving role, and looking more towards a leading role.
Who will give them challenges to grow: Aoguro, the demon within him.
Will he/she make any wrong choices during their journey: It is possible.

Theme Song(s)

Darkness by Blackmore's Night
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