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Rated: E · Assignment · Fantasy · #2012409
One of the Main Antagonists


Name: Kyo
Character's Full Name: Aramaki Kyo
Reason or meaning of name:
Nickname: First Wolf of Mibu
Reason for nickname: Being a Samurai from Mibu Village, like the Shinsengumi of the Meiji Reformation, known also as the Wolves of Mibu.
Birth date: 1546 (Born on Earth)

Gender: Male
Age: 450+ (in Repeating History)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color/style/type: Black, straight, long to his upper back, tied into a tail, with no facial hair.
Height: 5'3”
Weight: 139 lbs
Build: Thin and lithe, he looks rather feminine and especially not intimidating. However, the look in his eyes exudes the portent of a different matter entirely.
Nationality: Human Vampire
Skin tone: Pale yellow-brown tone.
Skin type: Smooth and unblemished, except for the hidden marks on his neck.
Face shape: Rounded curves, smooth looking structure, slanted eyes.
Distinguishing marks: None
Most predominant feature: The color of his eyes is not stable, and seems to shift from one shade of brown to another from time to time.
Preferred clothing or accessories: Alike Yami, his typical clothing is that of the layered garb from Japan. The color scheme is a dark blue and gray mix, with the head of a wolf in white upon the Haori. [ Kimono (dual-layered shirt) and Hakama (pleated pants) worn with long Haori (robe/cloak) over it, sash-like belt, a tasuki (cord worn under the Haori, over the Kimono, to restrain the flared sleeves from getting in the way while swinging a sword), tabi (split-toe socks) and zori (sandals) ]

Jewelry or accessories that are special or meaningful:
Where does character live: Various locations- Edo Castle in Japan, Arvandor City (in Power & Bliss), Shima (in Face of Evil)
What does s/he do too much of:
What does s/he do too little of:
Most prized possession: The samurai armor he wore during Sengoku, that he keeps on a display rack wherever he calls home.
Talented in/with: Swordsmanship, with Katana, Wakizashi, & Nodachi
Any pets: Sometimes, he treats some of those that follow him like pets, but he has no actual pets.


From: Mibu-dera, Japan
Type of childhood: orphaned at an early age, he was picked up and raised at a Shinto temple in Mibu, just south-west of Kyoto.
Education: The priestess of the shrine taught him how to read and write, and told him of the Shinto faith, and of the Bhuddist influence.
Religion/Beliefs: Shinto & Bhuddist beliefs.
Relevant first experiences (if any): The death of the priestess taking care of him, the discovery of his skill with a sword by Oda Nobunaga, his tutoring under Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, & Tokugawa.
Did they learn the things they know from a tutor or from experience: Tutors (priestess, monks, Nobunaga)
Were these life lessons hard learned? How/Why?: He learned amidst the conflict of the Sengoku Era, and had to learn what was most important to him amidst it all.
Is there a childhood memory that lingers with him/her or has affected him/her: The death of the priestess who raised him, at the hands of bandits.


Mother's name: Died before he was truly old enough to know her
Relationship with her: N/A
Father's name: Died before he was truly old enough to know him
Relationship with him: N/A
Siblings: None.
Birth order: N/A
Relationship with each: N/A
Children of Siblings: N/A
Extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.): N/A
Close to family?: N/A
Spouses or partners?: Lover - Ai Motoko
Does character have child(ren): No
How many: N/A
Are all children with the same partner: N/A
How does character relate to his/her child(ren): N/A
Which child is the character's favorite: N/A
Why: N/A
Is relationship with the children good: N/A
Is relationship with children important to character: N/A

Is character divorced: No
Why: N/A
How many times: N/A
Has character ever been unfaithful to spouse: N/A
How does character relate to others: Kyo looks upon others in silent contemplation before anything else, and decides what point lies behind any possible interaction before he ever approaches them. If he approaches them.
How is s/he perceived by others: Silent and Dangerous.
Strangers? Friends?: No friends, but strangers look at him with wary suspicion.
Wife/Husband/Lover?: Motoko was once hired to assassinate him, by Ishida Mitsunari, but the attempt failed, and Kyo took her as his lover and fellow vampire in the process. Having lost to him, she views him with respect, for she was a very highly acclaimed assassin among the Shinobi clans.
Children?: None.
Protagonist?: Dorian sees Kyo as obstinate and stubborn, on top of being dangerous. While Dorian does not fear for his life in Kyo's company, he does know that there are many dangers beyond being the target of an assassin, and he worries what falling into Kyo's control would mean. Alek knows little about Kyo and thus looks to Dorian's waryness, though he is confused why Dorian would not fear death in Kyo's company.
Antagonist?: Yami and Kyo have been rivals since the Sengoku Era. At first, both supported Nobunaga, but when Nobunaga died, and Hideyoshi lead the way, Yami seemed to favor other paths. Yami did not side with the coup responsible for Nobunaga's death, but from that point on vied against Hideyoshi and Tokugawa. During the Sekigahara Campaign, Yami and Kyo fought many times, neither emerging the victor. They have been apart for many years, but reuniting now only rekindles their angers toward each other, though they show it in different ways.
First impression the character makes: Silent and peculiar.
What happens to change this perception: The deaths of a few people, the rising of the dead, and the stirring of strange beasts in the woods.
What do family/friends like most about character: He has no family or friends.
What do family/friends like least about character: He has no family or friends.


Job: Shogun of Japan, Leader of Nanatsu no tsumi.
Number of years: 400+
Relationship with co-workers: They follow him.
Does he/she like their job: Indeed.
Why or why not: It is all he ever wanted.


Greatest fear: Not having everything he wants.
Worst thing that could happen to him/her: Being denied something.
What would make them cry (if at all): Nothing.
Character is most at ease when: He holds his katana.
Character is most uncomfortable when: He doesn't.
Priorities in life: Wanting, taking, having
Philosophy: If at first you don't succeed, blow it up.
How she/he feels about self: He has no complaints.
How does she/he feel about failure?: capital offense
Biggest regret?: None he can think of.
Biggest accomplishment: Conquering Asia
Does anyone else know: Lots of people.
How did that person find out: They were there.


Optimist or pessimist: optimist
Introvert or extrovert: unique-overt, he is open to those he trusts, which are not many people. Others he simply seeks to control.
Drives and motivations: Simple greed.
Talents (hidden or not): Through the vagaries of the mind, he can control or alter the whims and wills of others.
Extremely skilled at: While not having been used in a long time, he is still quite skilled as a fighter.
Extremely unskilled at: However, he has lost some of his discretionary means from back in the day, now preferring to be overt.
Good characteristics: None
Character flaws: Everything about him.
Mannerisms: He maintains the habit of drinking sake and tea, though he cannot taste or process it any longer.
Peculiarities: He has a tendency to not look someone in the eye, which comes across as odd in a conversation, though he does this because he has honed his skill with warping someone's mind so much, that the merest of glances can exhibit a reaction even when he may not intend to do so.


How would the character describe themselves: Flawless
Are they proud or embarrassed by any physical traits or personal qualities: Not embarrassed of anything.
Are these realistic assessments: There are always flaws, but more importantly, he does not let whatever may be deemed as a flaw by another to inhibit him in any way if he can manage it.


Immediate goal(s): Taking over the Arvandoran Empire
Long range goal(s): Building an Empire that spans every world in the cosmos.
How does character plan to accomplish goal(s): Through continued use of his servants within the Hogosha Clan to enable them to travel from one world to another.
How will other people around the character be affected: Either by submitting or dying, in his view.


How this character reacts in a crisis: With careful planning that often includes those setbacks as part of the planning in the first place. He deliberates from an observing perspective, and devises his plan in many layers of mayhem.
How does this character face problems: With a demeanor that seems calm even when he may be outraged.
What kinds of problems character usually run into: dimwitted servants.
What is the character's one major flaw: What might be deemed a minor case of Attention Deficit Disorder, his greed is so intense that he may not wait for the completion of one acquisition before he ventures off on another.
What are his/her minor flaws: A general lack of diplomacy that would generally make more enemies than allies, coupled with quite an intense notion of vanity.
Is he/she ashamed of them: He does not even recognize them as being flaws.
How do people react to these shortcomings: Motoko loves them as much as the rest of him. Those loyal to him mention nothing of it, and don't let it change anything about how they serve him. Others, like the Hogosha, view it as merely another notch on the wall that they have to live with, till they have the ability to rebel.
Does he/she apologize after losing their temper: No.
What flaw would most likely drive a love interest or a friend away: He has no friends, and Motoko adores him too much to be driven away.
How does she/he positively react to change?: His only reactions to change are acknowledgement that things went according to plan. Whether or not it is true, he tends to keep this to himself, and only discusses such with Motoko and the others of the seven leaders of his group.
How does she/he negatively react to change?: (see above)
What is their breaking point?: He is at the top of his group, with the empire he desires coming to fruition. His only breaking point would be for it to all fail, and it is a long way from crumbling beneath him in a single day.
What sort of encouragement would most motivate them to do better?: He has no desire to "do better." He has, and pursues, what he wants.
Does she/he have any bad habits? Can be included with flaws.: (See flaws)
How will your character grow throughout the story?: He won't.
Who will give them challenges to grow: No one.
Will he/she make any wrong choices during their journey: N/A

Theme Song(s)

Girei by Yasuharu Takanashi
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