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Also thinking of TG/AR. Not meant to be erotic. Help wanted - not final in any way.
Setting: Modern day. A family has just moved into a new, enormous house near the father's workplace.
Conflict: The father has been promoted to a position that demands he spend almost all of his time at work. His wife doesn't know what to think about this, and his young son thinks he will die of boredom.

???, Father/Husband Just got his dream job. A man who cares about success, even at the cost of all else. Has his life turned absolutely upside-down.
???, Mother/Wife Mother of 3. Doesn't like her husband's new job situation, but wants to support him any way she can.
???, Daughter/Sister - teen Twin sister of ???. Spends all of her time with ??? (sister), to the exclusion of her mother and brother.
???, Daughter/Sister - teen Twin sister of ???. Tries to spend time with her father and mother, but ??? (sister) rarely gives her time to do so. Despises her brother, though.
???, Son/Brother - 6-9 Only son of ??? and ???. Spends his entire time with his father until he gets his job. Now, ??? wants his old Daddy back. Has also been begging for a little brother.

New situation: Due to a mysterious fog, the father has been turned into a small boy (4-7, younger than ???). His wife is devastated on the outside, but secretly likes the new arrangement. One of their daughters hates the fact she now has to "spend time with her family", while the other has no clue what to think. Their son thinks his brightest dreams have come true, as he can spend time with his father, and he has a little brother to boot.

Song ideas:
1. FAMILY sings about new house and arrangements. Characters are introduced in this scene.

2. After transformation: SON sings happily about how much fun he will have with his"Father/Brother/Bro/Dream/Thingamabobber Come True".
3. MOTHER/WIFE sings morosely about how she's lost her husband "In the Blink of an Eye". Song cheers up some way through once she realizes her secret wishes have come true (Have old husband back), sort of.

Scientists have found a way to restore HUSBAND/FATHER to his former state. HUSBAND/FATHER decides to remain as he is, as he has found new purpose in life - success isn't everything; you "Gotta Have Family".

I thought (?) of this last night in a dream. I was actually directing a musical. The dream ended just as the mother started singing (does 12:24 PM count as last night?). Once the dream ended, I almost immediately got on my computer and started writing.
I need help with character names, much of the plot (this is NOT meant to be erotic in any way - I actually want to present the final script to the Theatre Dept. at my college), songwriting and ideas, and actually producing a viable script. In the dream, I never heard a single character name, and I never saw an actual script anywhere. Furthermore, I have absolutely no experience in writing anything like this. Help would be appreciated!
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