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It's important to have a base line on your health. Visit your doctor.
Had my quarterly checkup (actually two months past the quarterly), yesterday.  Dreaded going, but went.  Remember all of those tests I finally took the last few months, well the results were in, and my doctor was waiting for my arrival.  Got there at 8:30am on the dot.  Got my blood drawn (worst part of the visit), and finally got in to talk to my doctor.  It turned out to be quite a good visit.

My hba1c was 6.3 (working for a 5 or lower), lost 30lbs, bone density was above average, the mammogram was negative, colonoscopy  was good and not due again for 7 to 10 years, EKG was good, great reflexes, hearing good, and in general health is very good.  I share this because, as we age, we tend to change so gradually that we do not notice when something has gone wrong. 

As my friends on FB and in "real life," I want us to take advantage of every modern technique that can keep us healthy.  These simple, but invasive tests, can give us an idea of where we are health wise.  Go to the dentist.  Go to the eye doctor (optometrist or ophthalmologist).  Go to the podiatrist for your feet.  Get a nutritionist and change your eating habits.  The best health care plan in the world will not make you do any of these things.  Only you can do that.

I keep reminding myself daily that doctors are "practicing" medicine with a license.  We can practice, health care by learning how to take care of our health, and we do not need a license.

Growing up poor, in the country, and on a farm teaches you a lot.  Moving to the city, and becoming" cityfied" causes you to lose a lot of your knowledge, skills, and training.  They are no longer needed for survival, but if we could just learn to sift through both types of lifestyles, and take out the food while getting rid of the bad, we would/could live healthier and wholesome lives.

A bit late, but a lesson well learned.  What will you do today to improve your life, health, and longevity?

Peace and blessings coming your way always!
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