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by Sassy
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summary of characters
Sherry; main character, unemployed sex worker, housewife type, 42 year old

Matt; younger boyfriend to sherry, labor worker, 27 years old

James; sherry's teenage son, hateful to matt and mom, not rebellious, not motivated, 12 years old

Kayla; separated from her blood family, very rebellious know it all 9 year old who has seen too much

Tristin; angry young boy because of his mother being a transgender man, 8 years old

Kelly' kaylas sister, also lost and scared of her own shadow, 6 years old

Krysta; the youngest of all, thei liar, lost, never had her mother. 5 years old

Domonique; matts x mother in law; total chaos with her, always causing us problems, calling cps and back stabbing

Kelly mart; domoniques best friend , they live together, has a troubled drug addict daughter, cheating husband, and in cahoots with domonique
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