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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2012829
Nothing is impossible for Megan Kelly?
        Megan Kelly was an extra-ordinary lady. She had mass appeal.
        Yup. She could talk the feathers off a bald eagle. ..
        I was reminded of a film, A Face in the Crowd, staring Andy Griffin.
        But, that a was story about a conman with ambitions in politics..
        No. That's not Megan Kelly. She had the forces of right and righteousness
        on her side and she's so cute.. with a biting wit.

        Why was she so powerful? I think it all began with her report on the
        tribal wars in the Middle East.. No one knew how to stop the violence;
        except Megan. ..She used her media network to goad the President
        into World War III. Policing the Middle East was too expensive and the
        public did not want anymore of their children's blood shed.  So, Megan
        called on her Tea Party friends in the press and organized a media blitz.

        Syria was hit hard with nuclear weapons as was Iraq and Iran.
        Russia and China fired on the U.S. naval fleet. And things got very
        violent.  .  But, Megan Kelly held to her convictions in her bomb shelter.
        God bless her.  My eyes tear a lot now from the nerve gas bombs, but
        I am so proud we finally put an end to terrorism.  Megan I love you.

        There are regular riots over food and water in all the cities.
        So, I'm walking to Canada and living on the game I can catch..
        I ate a good meal yesterday.  It had 3 eyes and seven horns.
        Oh, Megan I wish I could join you in your bomb shelter, but you
        wont tell anyone where your living. I miss your soft voice and orange tongue.
        Radioactive fallout has been changing us all.  I glow in the dark.

        Fox News is so brave.


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