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A collection of poems which were written by members
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These lovely poems were created for "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group

If you have a poem for this list, please let me know.

Here's a terrific poem for our group.
WDC Power Reviewers  [ASR]
An acrostic of one of the legendary WdC reviewing groups.
by Steve adding writing to ntbk.

The following poem was written by Henny Penny for "a very Wodehouse challenge

My Poem

A group for fun
a group of glee
the perfect place
just for me.

I love the raids
love the reviews
come join the group
just for you.

The place to be
the group is great
so come on over
don't be late.

WDC Power Review Group is a wonderful place to join.

The following poem was written by celticsea for the 5th anniversary of "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group

Power to our members
Who for five years in a row
Have worked to keep us up on top
And helped to make us grow.

Power to our people
Who take time out of their days
To view another artist's work
And offer hints and praise.

Power to our future,
To you all, our loyal core.
With what you do, no doubt we'll be
On top for five years more!

Join our group
And then you'll see –
Is pressure-free!

Gain rewards
Through your reviews
From our list
Or ones you choose.

Want a break?
Then join our chat.
No bounds here.
Imagine that!

Read or not
And when you please;
We want folks
To feel at ease.

And raffles too,
Lots of fun
Now waits for you!

Come on in;
You can't go wrong!
Power's near
400 strong!

Thank you,☮ The Grum Of Grums , for this "Maryann " poem:

Maryann does reviews with great care
She's honest, straightforward and fair
She sure knows her stuff
And never gets rough
Three cheers for a lady with flair.

...And this one from Steve adding writing to ntbk. :
Maryann - An Acrostic for a good deed  [E]
Maryann gave a group of people Duckies in the Duckie for All Seasons raffle. My thanks!
by Steve adding writing to ntbk.

Here's a fantastic one for Lornda , created by Sum1 🛥 :

 Leader Of The Pack  [E]
Happy 5th WDC Anniversary to Lornda, a Power Reviewers Group Leader!
by Sum1 🛥
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