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by Sassy
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main character xdevelopment

Name: Sherry

Background Middle class upbringing
Birthday: June
Place of birth: detroit
Parents: charles and wanda
What was important to the people who raised him: paryying
Siblings: robert
Economic/social status growing up: middle class
Ethnic background: german and irish
Places lived: all over east coast
Current address and phone number: san antonio, texas
Education: 2 years in college
Favorite subject in school: english comp
Special training: nail technician
Jobs: prostitute, cahier, waitress,
Salary: varied, ssi now
Travel: within usa

Friends: all live in florida now
How do people view this character: smart and loving
Lives with: younger boyfriend and raising his daughter
Fights with: his son
Spends time with: her virtual friends on the computer
Wishes to spend time with: her oldest and only child
Who depends on him and why: matt because i take care of household finances and home
What people does he most admire: mary magdalene
Enemies: domonique and kelly
Dating, marriage: married 4 times b4 matt
Children: one son adopted, and 2 step kids
Relationship with God: baptist but mor espiritual

Overall outlook on life: life is what you make of it
Does this character like himself: she does now
What, if anything, would he like to change about his life: the years spent in addiction
What personal demons haunt him: drugs issues
Is he lying to himself about something:
Optimistic/pessimistic: neutral
Real/feigned: real and down to earth
Morality level: has morals
Confidence level: lacks
Typical day: spenyt online social marketing and writing and socializing

Physical appearance tall natural redhead
Body type: voluptuous
Posture: stands tall
Head shape: head fits body
Eyes: big round green eyes
Nose: medium and stuck up looking
Mouth: full luscious lips
Hair: shoulder length
Skin: olive and tans well
Tattoos/piercings/scars: belly and ears pierced, a few tattoos
Voice: husky and very sexy
What people notice first: eyes
Clothing: sexy yet discreet
How would he describe himself: recovered addict, sex worker, mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, loyal, sincere, smart
Health/disabilities/handicaps: good health, ptsd,
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