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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2012952
The greatest moment in your life can happen after you die.

The movie at the drive-in theater had barely started when he looked at his date in the seat next to him. Even in the dark, she was still incredibly beautiful. She didn't resist as he pulled her towards him for their first kiss. Her lips were cool as they met, but soon warmed as his kiss became more heated.

He breathed deeply as her perfume; "Lavender Fields," filled his senses. She was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever held. Her body was soft and molded to his own in his embrace. He ran his hands nervously down her side as he headed for second base.

Her hand moved slowly towards his lap as he tightened his hold on her. His mind raced with passionate anticipation of the things to come. His dream was coming true.

He never imagined he would get this chance. When he met her walking home from the store earlier he offered her a ride. The bundles she carried were heavy so she accepted the ride gratefully. They had been friends since grade school. This was as close to her as he had ever been.

The conversation was friendly and animated as they talked about school and the events they both looked forward to in their senior year. He decided to take the chance and ask her to come to the drive-in. She said no, explaining she had homework; it was a school night⦠her parents wouldn't allow it. He asked again, more aggressively. The look on her face became impatient as she again told him no.

He asked again, almost pleading with her. Without warning, she became angry. Instead of politely declining, she became cruel. He couldn't be serious, she exclaimed. She was a cheerleader for god's sake! What would her friends say? They were friends, but that's all they were.

He grew even more insistent, he wasn't going to let this chance slip by without giving it his best effort. But the more he tried to convince her, the angrier she got. All he needed to do was to show her how much he wanted her. When he reached across the seat and tried to kiss her, her refusals became violent.

"Get real," she shouted, pushing him away. "You're a twerp! The only way you'd ever get me to a drive-in movie in this rundown jalopy is over my dead body!"

Undaunted, he persisted, and now, against all odds, she was here in his arms. He kissed her deeply, forcing her mouth open as his kiss grew almost furious. He'd never been so excited in all his life. And to think this was a double feature. They had the whole night ahead of them. Her hand rested against his erection as his hands slid beneath her blouse and caressed her firm, cold breast.

He was in a dream, flying through teen heaven! The only way this could be any better was if she were still alive to share the moment.

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