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by Jared
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This is something I wrote before my writer's block. Critique is much appreciated.
The dredges of humanity

Sat atop the cliffs of sanity

Finally peering on the docks of clarity

Seeing nothing but feeling much

Hearing lost, but they gained ground

They were fighting for something

A purpose, a dream

To the surprise of the those who never dream

Sometimes in waking hours suppress their rage

In an effort to escape their caged existence

They found themselves blocked by walls

Conditions, terms and obstacles

Political tripe sauced with lies

The hidden voices of a generation

Sustained in a single note

A note that softly creeps through the air

The king wondered, the queen dreamed,

The emperor weeps, and the dictator is startled

The wall is broken, who can quench the flow?

The trembles of the earth do not match

The volcanoes erupt, but fail to meet the standard

It's often wondered if voices matter

And it is often surmised that walls can fall and die

Monarchies can thrive and then struggle to survive

Wars can end and begin, and bridges can burn

All because of the tremor of a thousand voices
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