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A story poem about a mans personality transformation.
A Life That's Embraced

Scabby Noggins lived life in the guts of the town,
He was homeless and old, his mouth curled in a frown,
Scab stayed to himself, no one gave him their time.
His clothes ... torn like rags, he was far past his prime.

Old Scabby had changed, his life's story was sad,
He used to be happy ... a husband and dad.
The talk of the town, some thirty years prior,
A D.J. well known for his humor and fire.

He sang and played music at clubs in his hood,
The people were thrilled, cause his talents were good.
With celebrity status, Todd Parker had fans,
But Todd became Scabby, since fate changed his plans.

One day, thirty years ago, Todd took a call,
At Callahans Grill, on a street near the mall.
"Todd, this is your neighbor, come home right away,
Your house is on fire and that's all I can say."

Todd frantic and sweating, drove home with such haste,
Not knowing what damage, or what went to waste.
Public service vehicles were blocking the way.
While a few firemen kept onlookers at bay.

Smoke rose through the air with a horrid black hue.
Todd ran to see stretchers with bodies in view.
All faces were covered, it wasn't his day.
That sizzling fire took his family away.

He wept, as he raised the white sheet from her face,
The love of his life, not a breath could he trace.
For twenty eight years, Chrissy stood by his side,
Her death was the fact, that would then turn his tide.

He'd lost his two kids ... Amanda and Pete,
Heart broken in half, Todd fell to the street.
His home was destroyed, he cried out asking "WHY"?
And all that he thought was, he wanted to die.

Some friends around town tried to reach out with aid,
But Todd lost his soul, and his reason had strayed.
With no passion to care, and no fire in his belly,
He'd transformed into some sort of beast that was smelly.

Some teenagers poked, making fun of his head,
Which was covered with sores that had opened and bled.
"Let's call him Scabby" one fellow rang out,
"Scabby Noggins your name, of that there's no doubt."

All glory had passed, there was no rising sun,
Forever to grieve, the unfortunate one.
Todd lived for eight years, cloaked in misery and pain,
That's what happens when happiness falls through the drain.

They found Scabby dead ... curled on Chrissy's cold grave,
On the date they were wed, when their vows they both gave.
Life hands some a lemon, that's bitter to taste,
So if you have joy, live a life that's embraced. 


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