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3rd story about matt alberson ,
Chapter 1
On the morning of the MLB draft , Matt Alberson is sleeping in his bed. Vanessa

Gordon comes in , "Hey matt , they are about to start the draft." Vanessa says to a

sleeping Matt ,"Wake up, Matt." Just then , Vanessa pulls the covers off of Matt ,

"Okay, I'm up," says a tired Matt , "I'm coming. " Matt gets out of bed and heads to the

bathroom. "Come on, Matt, they're about to announce the first pick!" says Matt's dad

Jack, on the TV Commissioner Bud Selig is standing at the podium. "On behalf of

the Houston Astros , they have chosen , Fred Johnson,"

"Wow , i didn't want to play for them any way. " Says matt. As the draft goes on ,

the number 15 pick belongs to the San Francisco Giants. "On behalf of the San

Francisco ,they choose Matt Alberson." Says Bud Selig. "Matt , the Giants chose you" says Jack. Matt jumps for

joy , hugs Vanessa , then calls his friends and family. "The Giants are a real good

team." Says Jack ."I cant believe it, I'm going to be a professional baseball player.

This is a dream come true!" Replies Matt. "We need to have a party to celebrate "

Matt calls his friends and family for a night of celebration. "Vanessa , I couldn't

have done this without you cheering me on." Says Matt. "I know you are going to

be great--" replies Vanessa, "I forgot to tell you , I cant go with you."

"What? What do you mean?" Replies Matt. "I'm going to Colorado for a college

Masters Degree." Replies Vanessa. "I gotta repect that. Promise you will call me

every night?" Asks Matt. "Yes , I will call when I can. I know you will do a great

job." Replies Vanessa.
That night Matt is packing. He grabs pictures of his family and girlfriend. "Knock, knock." Says Vanessa. "Who's there?" replies a laughing Matt.

"It's me, Vanessa." Vanessa Replies, "Are you all set to go?" "Yeah, I'm almost ready. I

can't believe I'm going to play for the San Fransisco Giants." Replies Matt, "I am nervous,

'cause I won't know anyone. I will be playing in front of people staring at me."

"just don't think about them, only look at the pitcher. I believe you can do it, so

do your parents, so do your friends, so do I." Replies Vanessa. "I gotta get

home. Call me when you arrive to the city you are assigned too." "I promise I will

call whenever I can-- Thanks vanessa." Replies Matt. They both hug as Vanessa

heads home.

"Matt, dinner is ready!" Yells mom. "Coming!" Replies Matt. Matt

walks down to the table, then the phone starts to ring. "Hello?" Says Jack. "Hi , this

Greg Frederickson, the General manager of the San Francisco Giants, can I speak

to Matt Alberson, please?" Says the GM. Jack gives Matt the phone. "Hello?" Says

Matt. "Hi Matt, this is Greg Frederickson, the GM of the Giants. How are you

today?" Replies the GM ."I'm good, cant wait to start playing." Matt replies. "That's

great! We're excited to have you. We have been looking at your tapes from

Michigan and we are really hoping to see you in a Giants uniform in a couple years." The

GM replies. Matt and the GM talk for 15 more minutes, then say their goodbyes.

"So how did the talk with the GM go?" Says Jack. "It went great, he said the coach

has me in the lineup on my debut night." Replies Matt. "I know you are going to do

great son! We will be here cheering you on. " Jack replies. "Thanks dad." Replies

Matt as he heads to his room. That night Matt is lying in his bed thinking of when

he starts his Pro Baseball Career As he is sleeping, he dreams of himself in the

World Series, bases loaded, 2 outs, 3-2 count. The pitch is hit hard, going, going--

Just then Matt wakes up, not knowing if it was a homer or not. "Darn it!" Yells Matt.

As he throws the covers off and gets out of bed, he heads down to the table for

his last breakfast until he comes home after the season. Just then a horn from a car

sounds. It's the taxi who will take Matt to the airport. Matt hugs his parents

goodbye. "Wait! dont leave without saying goodbye to me!" Yells Vanessa. "Bye

Vanessa, I'll see you in a few months." Says Matt. They kiss and hug, as Matt gets

in the taxi. "To the airport, sir." Says Matt as he begins his journey to the show,



A new day begins a new life for Matt as he arrives in the city his first Minor League.

"Finally , what a long plane ride! The chicken fingers were amazing, but the movie

was terrible." Says Matt. Matt calls for a taxi as he is on the way to the hotel the

Players without homes stay in. As Matt relaxes all morning, the time comes for

him to head to the stadium for his practice. Matt arrives. "ID please." Says the

Security Guard. Matt gives him his ID, then the guard points Matt's taxi where to

drop him off. Matt pays the taxi fee, and heads to the locker room he sees a

familiar face.bubba jones First Basemen for the Giants.

"Whoa , you're Bubba Jones! What are you doing here?" Asks Matt."I hurt my

self and the GM sent me here for a rehab assignment " replies bubba ,"whats

your name rookie?" asks bubba, "Matt, Matt alberson," replies Matt ,"o , you are

iron jacks kid ,i played with him before he retired , how is he now?" bubba asks

"hes great, hes loving retirement," Matt replies ,"tell him i said hi for me will you?"

bubba replies , "sure , i will let him know," Matt replies as they take there leave ,

"Alberson?" says the manager , "here!" Matt replies , your locker is right over

there " says the coach as Matt gets settled , Matt gets dressed , and heads out for

his first practice , "Alberson ,get a bat " says the manager ,"yes sir , " replies matt

Matt gets a helmet and steps into the batting cage , "alright , throw him acouple

fast balls," the manager yells to the pitcher , the first pitch is right down the middle

of the plate,"crack!", as the ball is hit over the fence ,"my goodness , i havent

seen a hit like that since scruffy mcgee " says the coach , "a couple more, the first

pitch is a line drive drilling the left field wall , the second is a ball down the line ,

the third pitch a another home run , "ok , thats enough ",yells the coach ,"son that

was some fine hitting, whats your name?" ,"Matt alberson sir, " replies Matt ," o ,

our first round pick ,good to meet you , im manager gus heywood ," replies the manager ,

as the day went by , Matt does fielding , running , batting , and catching

,nighttime has come ,matt arrives into his room and grabs the phone

"hello?" says Vaneesa, "hey , its Matt" says matt


"hey Matt , i was wondering i was going to hear from you"


ive been training all day long , the manager put me in the lineup as a dh and backup catcher" ,


thats great ,good luck , i wish i was there with you,"


"thanks babe , i wish you were here too, i miss you ,"


"aww , i miss you too , did everyone treat you ok?

yeah , they made me feel welcome , i just hope i dont get on the managers bad side, you know what i mean ?"


yeah i know what you mean , just keep focused ok?"


yeah i will , well i got to go to bed , i got practice at 10


ok ,i love you


"love you too,"

as both hang uo the phone , matt dreams agian this time , he actuallys sees

himself in the future , he is the manager of the new york yankees ,a mis play

happens and matt sees himself arguing at the ump, but before he can no his fate,

he wakes up,the phone rings , "hello?" says matt ,

coach heywood

matt , practice is cancelled due to weather , no game either , but you will start tommorow night ,


ok , thank you for telling me "

coach heywood ,

anytime , have a nice day off"

with matt having the day off , he calls a cab and goes check out the town , he passes a comic book shop ,


can u stop at that comic book shop please?"


sure ,


thank you , i will only be a couple minutes ,


i will keep it running


thanx ,

Matt heads to the shop , and looks at most of the comics in the store ,he comes out with a ghost rider comic ,


ghost rider huh? ,good choice


thanx, hes my favorite hero ,

matt spends the whole day sightseeing

chapter 3


the day has come for matts professional game debut, matt leaves his hotel room

, then heads to the stadium, a sunny perfect day , matt arrives to the stadium

,gets directions to the locker room , then heads out to the field ,"hey you are the

new guy right?" says a player , "yes , matt alberson , nice to meet you" replies

matt, "likewise" , replies the player ," im mike gordon , pitcher " ," how good is the

team were playing today?" says matt,"they lost in the title game last year " replies

mike ,"that good huh , i will do my best today ,"matt replies , both guys head to

work out on the field , "matt alberson!?" yells the janitor "yes right here! " yells

matt, "you got a phone call" replies the janitor ,matt heads into the locker room to

pick up the phone ,,its his girlfriend vanessa , "hey matt, sorry i called you during

practice ," says vanessa ,"its ok the manger gave me a 15 minute break , whats

up?"matt repiles, "me and your parents are coming to your debut game today ,

were in the city now , we just kept it a surprise ", replies vanessa , "wow , im glad

you guys are here , i missed you guys so much , matt replies ,"i cant wait to see

you matt, its been 4 weeks " vanessa replies ,"you said my parents are here , can

i speak to them? " says matt, "im sorry matt, there down in the lobby getting

check in, but we will see you at the game ,," vanessa replies "ok , tell them to get

there when i do , ill give you guys seats next to my dugout , replies matt ,"wow , ill

let them no , thanks matt, " vanessa replies, ,matt and vanessa talk for 5 more

minutes , until matt has to get back to practce , matt and the team practice for 2

more hours , then matt heads back to the hotel to find his parents and girlfriend in

his room, matt hugs his parents and hugs vanessa , "hey son , its great to see

ya ," says jack ,"its great to see you guys too , i missed you guys too, " matt

replies,"i found out your manager is a old teammate of mine, it will be great to

see him after all these years ," replies jack , the alberson family sit in matts room

till its time to leave for the stadium ,as they arrive , matt and his dad head to the

locker room , "jack alberson , my old friend!, its great to see you ," says manager

heywood , "its great to see you too gus,so your gonna be coaching my son huh?"

replies jack ,"hes got alot of talent , just like his dad ," replies gus ,the two former

teammates chat for the next few minutes until its time head out to the field ,matts

family takes there seats , as the team heads out of the dugout to take the field as

the crowd of 13,000 cheers , the lineup is announced , matt is batting 3rd and

playing first ,during the first inning , the volcanoes get 2 quick outs, the third

batter is a thomas brigma , 3 time all american in college , the first pitch is a

strike looking, the second pitch is a ball, the third pitch is hit hard right to matt as

he dives and makes the catch to end the inning , in the bottom of the 1st , the first

2 volcano batters quckly out, as matt steps in , "lets go matt you can do it !" yells

vanessa ,the first pitch is a strike, , the second pitch is a ball, the third pitch is a

ball , 2-1 count, matt calls time and thinks about how he is going to hit it , he steps

in and the next pitch is very wild , nearly hitting matt in the face, matt dodges and

gets ready for the next pitch ,the next pitch is hit by matt, the ball is soaring over

the right fielders head and over the fence for a home run, the crowd and matts

family cheers as matt rounds the bases, he high fives his teammates and sits on

the bench , it is the top of the 6th , the opposing team has managed to knock in 2

runs to take a 2-1 lead , with 2 outs brigma steps in ,he launches a home run to

give his team a 3-1 lead, the volcanoes manage to hold the game at 3-1, in the

bottom of the 9th , the first 2 batter get on setting up matt to win the game , the

opposing coach calls time and signals to the bullpen , out come freddy steadman

,the 2 time all american for TCU horned frogs , matt watches his warmups and

sees him fire 99 miles per hour fastballs , the umpires yells play ball as matt steps

in ,the first pitch a fastball for a strike, the second is a swinging strike, the next is

another fastball , matt takes and crack!!, as the sound of the ball lands over the

fence for a walk off home run, the crowd cheers ,and matts teammates gather

around home plate to celebrate, matts family and girlfriends cheers , after the

game , the crowd leaves happy ,as matt leaves the locker room , he sees

vanessa and his parents , "great game son , i am proud of you , " says mom,

"thanks mom " replies matt ,"great homer matt, reminds me of me when i played

says jack , "thanks dad" says matt , matt and vanessa hug and kiss as all the

family heads into town to celebrate,



after matts game winning homer, a month later matt gets called up to AA, skipping advanced A , where helps his new team wins the AA world series ,
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