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Description of a Nephilium holiday

Ethnicity Assignment #11

The first day of the arrival of the six Nephilium the humans put on a festival to welcome them. The day is marked for the arrival of the 'Tall Ones' as the humans call them. There is a feast of all sorts of food. The best meats are presented. Also the best fruits. There is special alcohol drinks and different kinds of water and juices. It is at this festival where the Nephilumm discover the juice they like. The Nephilium do not drink alcohol. The main diet of the Nephilium is fruits, vegetables, and nuts. They do not eat meat because to do so takes a life.

There is also song and dance. There are many humans who perform for the Nephilium. One of the Nephilium sing a song of gratitude for the warm welcome. The humans are mesmerized by the beautiful notes of the Nephilium singer, Nikita.

Many friendships are made at this time. After the festival the Nephilium believe it is a good idea to spilt up in pairs. The reason for this is because they can spread their information much faster this way. Every year on the day the Nephilium arrived, the humans have named it 'The Tall Ones Day'.

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