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An all over the place poem about a man sharing his deepest sin right before his death.

- Just One Mistake-
by Keaton Foster
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The kids are wrong
This story too long
But it must be told
It must continue on
Regardless of why
Despite those who listen
And those with
The damnest intentions
All of them are irrelevant
All of them mean nothing
Within this tedious something
Just one mistake
Is all that it’ll take
With a gun in hand
Pointed at his head
Just a squeeze away
From his oblivious end
He has turned to me
Unnerving is his calmness
Surreal is his madness
Like a bucket with a hole
Be begins to spill
Do nothing of this
Refuse what is seen
Never be like me
I did what I did
And I now know
That I must pay
As good as it’s been
It has always been bad
Just one mistake
That’s all that it takes
There is no repeat
No second chance
I did what I did
I took her hand
Foolishly she followed close
I brought here out here
Into these maddening woods
I promised her beauty
I knew that she
Was desperate to see it
All that I showed her
Was ugly
She screamed out for help
There would be none
When I was done
When I had my fun
From ear to ear
I slit her throat
Her death was quick
At least that is what
I have always told myself
In my darkest dreams
I can still see her eyes
Looking up at me as she died
What was once endless
Became permanently motionless
What was once full of hope
Became empty
All that made her who she was
I alone took away
I dug a shallow grave
I said nothing
As I shoved her inside
She landed face down
I offered no prayer
No last right
I placed as much as I could
Down upon her
A few yards of dirt
At least a ton of stones
An old dead tree
Would become an indication
Of her final provocation
It took me hours to bury her
It took me many years
To find my way back to her
But here I am
I brought you along
Just so that someone would know
Someone who could tell the tale
Spill out all that was done
For the non-believers to consume
Just one mistake
This place
This wilderness of death
Is a fitting location
For me to end the scandalous nature
To which I have become accustomed
A bullet to the brain
Quick, silent
Lacking much deserving pain
I’ll go quick
Just like her
You’ll remain
Confess what was said
Bring those so needed
Back to her and I
Tell them everything
Just one mistake…

Just One Mistake
Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2014.

© Copyright 2014 Keaton Foster: Know My Hell! (keatonfoster at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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