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by Magoo
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They always fib for fun.
I spied a pumpkin in the patch
like none I've ever seen,
with purple skin it stood alone
among the orange and green.

My mom said, "Purple pumpkins lie,
so trust them not, my son,
a promise they will never keep;
they always fib for fun."

I looked around and heard a sound,
bent down to take a peek;
I focused on that purple one
as it began to speak.

"Please cut my vine to set me loose
and I'll give you a treat,
a pot of gold all shiny new,
I'll lay beside your feet."

"Now don't be silly", said the boy,
"a leprechaun does that;
he'll dance in green upon the scene
then tip his tiny hat."

The pumpkin said, "A wish or two
I'll give for all to see."
"I'm not a foolish boy, dear sir,
a genie grants me three."

"Okay, young man, some candy bars
will have to do the trick.
I'll toss in lemon lollipops,
the kind you like to lick."

The boy began to think the thought
of candy as a meal.
The pumpkin said, "Just cut my vine
so we can seal the deal."

The vine was cut, the pumpkin ran,
then disappeared from sight.
The boy began to search about
but gave up in the night.

The lad arose by morning's light,
another patch was found.
A purple pumpkin called to him,
"Please pick me from the ground."

"What will you give me?" said the boy.
"What kind of special treat?"
The pumpkin said, "A pot of gold
I'll lay beside your feet."

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